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Have A Holly Jolly ReSpawn

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The last time I fell off the fitness wagon, I respawned, started a challenge, and promptly found out I was pregnant. The goals from that challenge did not line up with expecting, so I abandoned it to focus on my pregnancy. My daughter is approaching her sixth month, and I finally feel ready to get back on the sleigh! I’ve been doing sporadic core work with her, and a post partum exercise class now and then, but it’s time to get organized and commit!


Quest 1: Go to the dentist. 

I have a mortal fear of the dentist, and most visits are torturous enough that I never want to return. I went while pregnant because it was required, but chickened out after my daughter was born, and have been postponing using a flimsy excuse of not having child care at the time. I want to set a good example for my daughter, and take care of my teeth, so this MUST BE DONE.


Quest 2: Consistent Core Work

Complete at least core workouts for a minimum of 10 minutes 3 times a week. 


Quest 3: Reduce Sweet Consumption 

I feel this one ought to be food related. I usually eat fairly healthy, but I enjoy sweets and tend to overindulge, so I feel that this is where I could use some improvement. So - only one sweet each weekday at ‘goute’ time (like the French version of afternoon tea). As it IS the holidays, weekends are a bit more relaxed - up to three sweets.


Bonus Quest: Hit PrePregnancy Weight by my 6th Month Post Partum

I am three kilos away from PrePregnancy weight. It's a long stretch to lose 3 kilos this challenge, but it would be awesome.


Level Up: French Language Acquisition 

Complete the French course I started.


I’ve switched from Assassin to Druid, as it will take a while to get back into parkour shape, and I feel the path of the yogi is a better fit for now, and the paths are not mutually exclusive. It’s a different form of fun for me, but easier to take my daughter along, and include her in my workouts.




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Thanks KB Girl! I was 68 kilos before I found out I was pregnant, and I peaked at 81 kilos before I delivered - I tried hard to keep my pregnancy weight reasonable, and am glad I only gained 13 kilos! I haven't been trying very hard to lose it yet, but I'm down to 71 now. 


As far as my plan - I will do a lot of planking with my daughter, as well as the exercises recommended in the post natal class I took. And MAYBE if I get adventurous, start the handstand class I initially wanted to begin 18 months ago! 🙂

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8 minutes ago, Kat on the Run said:

Oh hey, we're in similar boats, err, sleighs! My LO is 3 months. I'll also be doing a lot of planks this holiday challenge season.  And I, too, absolutely hate the dentist.  GL with this challenge!

Thanks! I made the dental appointment today. I will be relieved to have completed this quest Wednesday evening! GL to you too - I'll be cheering you on!!!

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Only 13kg! Nice! And pretty much back to normal already :)

i gained 33kg during my first pregnancy, so I’m trying really hard to gain less this time around. But I’m already up 9kg and have 13 weeks to go..


how is the challenge going so far?

Main Quest: becoming a decent kettlebell lifter and a great coach

Current challenge: KB Girl fixes the batcaves

my instagram - my gym's instagram

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On 12/6/2019 at 3:13 PM, MaureenMacushla said:

have a mortal fear of the dentist, and most visits are torturous enough that I never want to return

That was my experience for a long time too. Took a real fear of losing my two front teeth as an adult to get me to start going, but I've been going regularly for a few years now, and it isn't so bad any more, mostly because with proper maintenance they generally don't have to do anything to me.

Put together enough small wins over a long enough period of time, and you’ll find yourself in high level gear fighting dragons before you know it.

Whisper shows  up on Time



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End of week 1 update:

Quest 1: Go To Dentist - Completed!!!

Quest 2: Consistent Core Work - Minimum of 10 minutes core work on Monday, Wednesday and Sunday this week.

Quest 3: Reduce Sweet Consumption - Only 2 Sweets consumed this week (I'm not considering fruit as sweets for this challenge)


Level Up: French Language Acquisition - more than halfway through lessons in French Course


Bonus Quest: Hit PrePregnancy Weight - Down to 69.8 Kilos this morning. Less than 2 kilos to go!!!


Bring on week 2!!!



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