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UserScript: User reputation

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Born out of the discussion in another thread, I've created a userscript that will display a users's reputation in both the user sidebar (not shown on mobile) and on a user's profile page.


This is the thread that started it all


This is what the reputation display looks like in the forum post sidebar

Screenshot Topic


And on the profile page

Screenshot Profile


Install the script from here



The script is only tested in Google Chrome, and to install it you need a Userscript Mananger. Personally I use Tampermonkey

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2019-12-29 Update readme with user profile screenshot
2019-12-29 v0.5
2019-12-29 Bail on wrong url
2019-12-29 Progressivly longer wait
2019-12-29 Handle `onerror` when fetching rep
2019-12-29 Handle users with just one post
2019-12-29 v0.4
2019-12-29 Show rep on profile page
2019-12-29 Refactor and add some comments
2019-12-29 prettier.js config
2019-12-28 Format source
2019-12-28 Show "fetching..."
2019-12-24 v0.3
2019-12-24 Remove timing
2019-12-24 More descriptive README
2019-12-24 Whitelist xhr acccess
2019-12-24 v0.2
2019-12-24 Add README
2019-12-24 Remove console.logs
2019-12-24 Initial commit



Use caching for profile page rep

Keep a common cache online somewhere

Add a setting page/screen to toggle showing rep on forum posts and/or profile page

Show rep on new posts you write

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