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Probably TMI but here goes.

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Hi all,
I am new to the site, new to internet forums in general so I am probably going to do things wrong for a hot minute. I ramble and my grammar is terrible. Writing is not my strong suit unless it's a lab report or a recipe. My mind wanders. This will be long. 

I'm a 30-something lady cook from New Orleans but I live in a remote part of Colorado now. Earlier today...yesterday...I was reading the articles on the site because it's that time of year again. Realized I could access the forums and I became really interested in the goal-setting process and the challenges, characters, etc. The whole gamification thing is brilliant. I am totally on board. 

In addition to working as a cook (I scored the Cadillac of cook jobs in CO), I am a biochem and biological sciences major with a minor in psychology at ASU. I want to go to grad school..maybe get a ph.D. I have to believe it can be done. It's super slow going but my GPA is almost a 4.0 and I work more than 40 hours a week. I am proud of that. That being said, I am exhausted, and my sleep isn't great. I'm pretty overweight (5'7'' 190 down from 215 last year) and really out of shape besides the brute strength it takes to work in a high volume kitchen.  When I moved to this elevation I thought I was going to DIE. I got used to it. Anyway, all kinds of preventable health issues run in my family so I am at the point where enough is enough- I am not getting any younger. I want to get my cardiovascular health where it needs to be, start lifting weights and lose weight in the process. That's what brought me here. Then I found the worksheet for developing quests and was delighted. I have been needing to plan all my goals for a long time and I just did it. Sometimes you need a little help figuring out what to do in order to do what you need to do. This has been more effective than my therapist. I feel like I have a plan that's doable. I am very excited about that. 

My life hasn't always been like this, though. When I lived in NOLA I worked in fine dining. It was nice at first because it was better than my place of birth. But working 70+ hours a week for terrible wages in a city where rent is becoming more and more ridiculous every day was a living hell. Mental health services in Louisiana are worse than garbage. The fact that I drank way too much and was firmly embedded in the bar/kitchen culture didn't help. I wound up spiraling out of control and it's a wonder I am still alive. Before that, I'd been in abusive relationships...even growing up, and dealt with a lot of death. So much happened even before NOLA. MY point is I deal with a serious case of complex PTSD. I used to cope with alcohol and food and in my 20s other substances. Anything to make living in my head bearable (or so I thought).


I've come a long way and I am very happy now. I am at peace and I have no drama, no big problems other than my health and I am grateful for every moment for what I have because for years I had nothing and my life was a living hell. Since I moved here I have made zero friends besides my work people, though. I had plenty back home, but NOLA is like the island of misfit toys. Doesn't matter how weird you are, you WILL find your tribe for better or worse, and they'll be like family. The culture here is so so different. Everybody skis, rock climbs, all kinds of outdoor stuff and I have no idea about any of that. I am indoorsy and I'd rather be doing homework than getting a sunburn - although I'd like to change that. This is an affluent area and I have 30 years of poverty to inform my thinking. I'm pretty eccentric too, which doesn't help. It's just hard for me to relate to people here, and the people I DO relate to get hammered every day, so that's a no-go. I'm at a cusp.

So, 2 problems I want to address with this platform- Health and social isolation. In addition, I will use the platform for my other goals, academic and personal. Ya'll seem like nice folks so I am willing to give it a go. Nerds are the subculture I would say that I identify most with besides foodservice lifers.

Oh and 5 fun facts about me (other than what I already mentioned)
I love love love Star Trek

Rush is my favorite band

I've never played D&D cause I'm shy

I collect t-shirts

I danced with Eric Wareheim 

Well that more than wraps it up. I am looking forward to being a supportive group member and getting to know some of ya'll while not spending TOO much time in the forums. 
Peace n Chicken Grease/Onward!

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Welcome! The challenges are a great place to work on whatever fitness or life goals you have, so I think you're in the right place. There's a new challenge starting now/soon so maybe you could think about what steps you could take to start working on the fitness and social isolation. Good luck!

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Hello there!  I was also new to forums when I started here 6 months ago, but they haven't kicked me off yet for my mistakes.  Everyone is super helpful and supportive in real ways, not just rah-rah positive ways.  


And I balance your too shy for D&D, and offer up that I like watching/listening to others playing while not playing myself.  Weird and I own it.


Congratulations on your previous weight loss and the efforts you have already put in to your mental well-being.  


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Hello there! 


I am late to replying to your post but I just joined today but I wanted to say thanks for sharing you story and motivations.


I truly hope you find a welcome place here where you can relate to others and find support in your quests. 


Best of luck! 


Oh, and Geaux Saints! And Go Sun Devils! 

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