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Fast food - it's what's for lunch

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Over in my main Trials Thread a while back....

Do you know any good places to get lunch on the go? I feel like I rarely get to eat out because there are only like two restaurants in the area that make anything that is at least semi-healthy :(

To which I'd said

Yeah I do...

When I was researching a solution to this problem, I noted a passing reference that Tyler over at 344pounds.com made to "Chipotle". I looked at their website's nutrition info and came up with the following way to "Be good".

http://www.chipotle.com/en-US/menu/nutr ... ation.aspx

Chipotle Salad

  • No Dressing[/*:m:oa0trmnv]
  • Extra Lettuce - calories are so low for this, its a nice filler[/*:m:oa0trmnv]
  • Beans (Pinto or Black, doesn't really matter, but Black has better nutrients) - about 90 calories, and considered a low carb food that is also high in protein[/*:m:oa0trmnv]
  • Fajita Veggies - 15 calories[/*:m:oa0trmnv]
  • Steak, Pork or Chicken - all around 230 calories, rather comparable. The Barbacoa is extremely high in salt, so I avoid it.[/*:m:oa0trmnv]
  • Mild Salsa - it's pico de gallo at about 20 calories[/*:m:oa0trmnv]
  • Green Tomatilla Salsa - another 15[/*:m:oa0trmnv]
  • Guacamole - 150 calories, but high in Omega-3's, low in sugar, and so nummy I don't miss dressing.[/*:m:oa0trmnv]
  • No cheese[/*:m:oa0trmnv]
  • no sour cream.[/*:m:oa0trmnv]
It doesn't have a tortilla nor does it have rice.

On average, I get a filling lunch that I can feel good about eating for about 530 calories. Its very high in protein, low in sugar, and EXTREMELY tastey. The beans make sure I don't get hungry later because they are so low on the Glycemic Index.

I liked it so much, I started buying the ingredients and making "homemade" versions. Also when I go out to a decent restaurant, I find they are generally willing to give you a garden salad with a nice hunk of meat on it.

If you have a Freebirds World Burrito nearby, you can create a "Bird Salad" that is almost exactly the same! I'd also say a subway salad, but those aren't anywhere near as tastey.

WELL, I also came across THIS article today.


The short of it is, you can run into a grocery store and get "healthy food" that is ready to eat for less money and slightly faster than going to a fast food place.

Thoughts? Anyone else have "Fast healthy lunch" ideas?

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