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Norgaard: New Year, new way to forget to update


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So lets be honest. I will forget to update here a lot, and thats just how it is ;) But none the less here is the years first challenge:


1: Daily Handstand work, 5 quality float attempt pr day.

2: Practice Juggling/Contact juggling for 10 minutes  5 times pr week. Need to get back at this.

3: Spend 10 minutes on the keyboard at least 5 times pr week.

4: Handle in my paper on time. (24th of January) pass/fail

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Be like water my friend

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Following a long, regular updates or not 


Intro Thread    Bodyweight Exercise Library

The Arruvia Conspiracy Challenges: 1, 2, 3, 4, 567, 89, 10 

Other Challenges: 12345, 6, 7, 89, 10, 11, 1213, 14, 15 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28Mardi Gras [Current]

Level 2 Ninja

Strength: 13 Intelligence: 14 Wisdom: 6 Dexterity:14 Constitution: 12 Charisma: 11


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Get itttt and tell us about it. Hahah.

Raptron, alot assassin

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so juggling goes good (bad but I get juggling some! two days now, but not as long as I liked. 


keyboard is on a hold because all my books are flooding it right now :P 
Have to send a 3 pages synopsis tomorrow, so I can discuss parts of my paper so thats in focus right now! hope you all have a great challenge so far!

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Be like water my friend

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On 1/8/2020 at 5:23 PM, Manarelle said:


Lol, is this related to the paper goal? 


Good luck on the synopsis!


Yeah currently have a giant stack of books I need, which change! synopsis went well, now I just need to do a lot of analyzing!

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Be like water my friend

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