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Hi all! I am wanting to learn more about Qi Gong and Tai Chi and implement them in my daily practice and workout. I really love having a spiritual, disciplined aspect to my routine. I have practiced yoga for a few years, but it's just never really clicked for me spiritually. I'm thinking this could be refreshing for me and possibly better attuned to my nature than yoga has been in the past. Do any of you have any links, authors, youtube channels, etc that you could recommend for me as a complete beginner that includes basic principles as well? A lot of what I have found is very interesting, but lacks the foundations. Any help is greatly appreciated 🙏

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I personally also been looking into Qi Gong, because I think it doesn't have all the cool hype of "burning fat" and strenthening things quickly. 

However, for it being a moving meditation. There one or two "planned out 30 days and 100 days". But I'm  personally not into that too much. 


In my reserch its mainly trying out what youtube can give yah. 

The one my healer directed to me was this lady: 


But he said that any would do from youtube, as in meditation. (Qigong is heavily based around being a moving meditation). 


But you can also find a system with spirituatlity I think if you look up "grounding". That stabalizes the energy from the earth and helps all the Chakras rise up. 

I personally am working on picking up my room to start a daily practice of qi gong, because I personally can't do yoga at the moment without accidnetly overdoing it. While Qigong is known for being the least intense form of exericise. 



Sorry if a bit rambly, let me know if you want to know more or clairification. 

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