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Hi Rebels, 


Restarting after a few years off forums, I've changed my username etc for a true respawn. A bit late to the party thanks to the bushfires. The smoke haze that has settled over my town has brought home how much I need and appreciate exercise for my health and wellbeing. There really is nothing like being able to do nothing fitness related to make you appreciate it. The gym has been closed and it is too hazardous outside. The gym finally reopened and I have been getting back into my fitness routine but I thought some accountability after about a month off (and being basically sedentary during that time, and breathing a lot of smoke!) would be a great way to respawn. My endocrinologist encourages me to try to exercise for an hour a day (I'm a type 1 diabetic) and I'm keen to get back to it! 


Goal 1: 30 minutes of yoga every day 
- Post run OR

- Pre strength OR

- Sunday on it's own

- I'm doing YWA's latest new year 30 day challenge. I also meditate with Sam Harris' Waking Up app. 


Goal 2: 30+ minutes of jogging 3 times a week

- Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

- Currently doing this on the treadmill because of the air quality

- I can't stand treadmills without a distraction so I am using Zombies, Run! 

- I can comfortably run 5-10 km but have decided to go back to basics to prevent injury and am doing their 5k program. The 10 minute free run at the end makes for a good balance between drills and a jog. 


Goal 3: Barbell training 3 times a week 

- I've been lifting for about 6 months after a break of a few years 

- I've recently changed from Stronglifts to Wendler's Beginner Prep School from the book Forever 5/3/1

- I've deloaded by 10 kg. Possibly unnecessary but I am treating this as though I'm recovering from injury. 


Life Goal: Prepare my mind and body to tackle my last year of grad school head on

I have between 12-15 months left before I submit my thesis. This year is going to be awesome and difficult. I'm keen to stay on top of my health which can quickly go haywire when I'm stressed. This week, my laboratory was still closed because of the smoke in the building, I am taking advantage of that time to prepare for the year ahead and will continue to do so this challenge. There are a couple of fellowships I want to apply for, some papers to draft out and experiments to plan. One thing I want to be strict about this year is my waking and sleeping times. So I'm planning to experiment a bit with timing of things, and alarm placement to improve my chances of this. 


Let's do this!!!  

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7 hours ago, nianjufe said:

I've been watching new coverage of the bushfires, and it's been so tragic 😥. That's smart to treat this like injury recovery, I'm sure your lungs will agree! Following along.


It really is 😥 I think we are all in a state of shock and anxiety. 


Yes! That was my logic too. So far it seems to be working and it is giving me a chance to focus on the breath.  

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Update 13 January 


Really successful week! Although part of that may be that I haven't been able to go into the lab as it is still closed due to the smoke. Able to go back in this week which is exciting and a little bit stressful. 


Goal 1: 30 minutes of yoga every day 

I've been doing Adriene's 30 day challenge with my husband everyday. I also found that I wanted some "me time" yoga so I started doing Yoga with Tim's 30 day challenge in the mornings. The two practices complement each other well. Tim's is probably a bit more "vinyasa" (quite a bit of Ashtanga influence in there) than Adriene's. 


Goal 2: 30+ minutes of jogging 3 times a week 

Again a success! I've been surprised by how easy I have found this, although I can feel it in my lungs after a while as I've been a bit asthma-y with the smoke. I thought I would hate having to use the treadmill but the treadmills at our gym are really nice. They shock absorb incredibly well and you can put on nature videos that simulate hiking. It's pretty cool. Combined with Zombie's run and some music, I'm having a blast and finding it to be a useful moving meditation. 


Goal 3: Barbell training 3 times a week 

We went with a deload week last week. Really glad we did that as it allowed us to focus on technique. Reducing our max by 10kg has also aided that and I'm looking forward to being verrrrry technique focussed while we build up our strength again nice and slowly 


Life Goal: Prepare my mind and body to tackle my last year of grad school head on

Heading back into uni this afternoon. Just going to take stock of where I'm at with everything. I will probably do a half day tomorrow again and then be back to full time from Wednesday. I went part time last year to overcome a traumatic event and I'm keen to ease back into uni now so that I don't relapse into severe stress symptoms. Excited to get back to science!  

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Whoops missed my update on Sunday!  (explanation at the end) 


Goal 1: 30 minutes of yoga every day (KIND OF...)

I take 3 days off yoga when the 'time of the month' hits. This is something that is taught in some yoga schools and while at first I thought it was ridiculous, I actually have found it to be a kindness to my self. Straight back into it on day 4. Getting back into the morning routine now that uni is back open (New Flash: It is closed AGAIN due to damage from the tennis ball-hail storm that ripped through) I haven't been doing Tim's this week, just Adrienne. 


Goal 2: 30+ minutes of jogging 3 times a week 

Still going with this. I left my iPhone headphones at work on Friday and tried using the YouTube app on the (very fancy) treadmill at the gym. Unfortunately I normally listen to metal or electronica which don't have particularly SFW videos so I was stuck with pop. Found it very annoying and had a bad run on Saturday. Given that campus has since been closed I haven't been able to retrieve them and used my iPad yesterday. MUCH better! I was SMILING during the running sections.  


Goal 3: Barbell training 3 times a week 

Not much to say here. We are really committed to this and enjoy it. Both of us (husband and I) are quite tall and slender (I'm a bit more mesomorphic than he is) so we will never be amazing at it, but there's a peace to just going to the gym and picking up heavy things. 


Life Goal: Prepare my mind and body to tackle my last year of grad school head on

So I had a pretty bad diabetes week. It was also kind of good... In that getting back to all this health stuff after the stress of the bushfires has massively pushed down my insulin needs (I've dropped my dose by 30%). But while I worked out how much to drop my dose by (it's safest to do it in small increments) I had to deal with multiple low blood sugar events every... single.. day. So I'm pretty fatigued. I let myself take a couple of days off and now I'm getting back into it. 

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Looking good! Man, your area is just being plopped into some weather-mania....Sharknado anyone? But really, I hope the fires stop and you all get the relief you need (climate politics aside). Glad to see you are listening to your body and resting when needed, good luck for the next week!



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