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Skywalker checking in


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Hey all,


I thought I'd just check in before I head off on my next adventure.


At the end of last year I booked airfares and transport to a hike I've been planning on doing in Tasmania called 'Walls of Jerusalem" . While it's been on my 'to do' list for a while it was a late night black friday sales impromptu booking and the plan was to do it as a solo 4 day hike.  Then I was talking to a colleague on the last day of work before the Christmas shutdown and I found a kindred spirit who has now booked flights and transport and is doing the backpacking trip with me!


Well this trip starts this Thursday and of course I'm feeling not quite as prepared as I thought I'd be at this stage.  Physically I feel fine (could always do with a little more fitness and a little less weight) but I've got a new pack (yeah) and don't have it sorted as well as I'd like, but still a few days to go.


Just keeping an eye out for any bushfire activity in central Tasmania, but I know they had quite bad fires a few years ago so fingers crossed on that front. 


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Sounds like big things are happening for you @Skywalker. Thanks for the update. I wish you save travels on your journey.

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Before this challenge disappears into the NF archives I thought I'd do a quick post hike post.


My last minute hiking buddy ended up cancelling so it turned back into a 3 night solo trip.  That's the longest solo I've done and I felt quite comfortable.  Admittedly it is one of the most popular areas to hike and it was school holidays so I had plenty of company.


Here's a pic.


Not quite as dramatic as North West Scotland but an inspiring place to spend a few days.


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Progress woot: Skywalker's success

Character Profile:  Skywalker

Blog:  Just Get Moving

Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it!

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