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30 Stone 190kg - Need Serious help

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Hi Guys,


So just a quick back story. I'm 30 stone/190kg. I'm 20. I am seriously unhealthy. I am currently going through a major depressive episode and have a plan to commit suicide. I've made a deal with a friend to give losing weight a go for 2 or 3 months before I do anything serious.


I don't eat much due to not having an appetite (I know, you're a fat fuck but you don't eat?). I have maybe a sandwich or two in every four or so days. I have no energy and no motivation but my friend is going to try and support me through this. Even though neither of us really know how I can be supported.


I guess my question is, what do I do? I can't go to a gym because I have serious PTSD and anxiety. I current go to university which is 9-5 5 days a week and I work 30+ hours a week. I don't have much time for cooking but I'm going to try and give cooking a little bit of a go, maybe just meal prep a little. What kind of foods should I be eating on a budget?


Also, when it comes to exercise, what do I do? Gym is out of the question. I'm sorry but that's the end of it. Is there anything else?


Any help would be appreciated more than you could imagine. My life literally depends on this.


Sorry for this being so long.

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Hello and welcome to the rebellion! I know from where you're standing it seems like there's such a long way to go but you've made a great first step in doing something about this!


What I'd recommend you do firstly is to keep a detailed food diary for a while - don't change anything at this point, just keep a log of everything you're eating and drinking. Doing this for a month should be fine, and weigh in weekly while you do this. This will give you some data to present to your doctor. Then start tweaking your diet by adding vegetables and wholegrains to bring it more in line with a healthy diet.


Secondly I'd get started on some light, at home exercise. There are some great programmes on Darebee.com to get you started.


Good luck, you can do this!!!! Suicide is not the answer, you're not alone in this, you have a good friend by the sounds of it, and too many people care about you. Don't give up on yourself.



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3 hours ago, SolarObsession said:

I am currently going through a major depressive episode and have a plan to commit suicide.


Please don't harm yourself. Get immediate medical help. Call your doctor, or a helpline, today. Where are you living? Maybe members will know who to call based on your location.

It sounds like you feel your life depends on losing weight. That's another good reason to see a doctor. If you truly are retaining a lot of weight despite not eating, there may be some underlying medical condition that explains it. But you need to survive in order to enjoy better health so addressing the depression should be your first priority. Maybe you could tell your doctor about both problems if you go in. Please do tell them about your suicidal thoughts, because that's an important, life threatening symptom they need to know about.

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+1000% that you need to chat with trained support for the suicidal thoughts. Your school likely has some resources, or you can go right to an ER or walk-in. 


If you're in the UK or Ireland (judging from the use of stones as a measurement), here are some hotlines available right now: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/suicide/https://www.hse.ie/eng/services/list/4/mental-health-services/nosp/help/


In terms of what you can do for your health if a gym is not accessible: just walk around. Honestly, walking is awesome for you, and especially if you're heavier where bodyweight work might be too difficult right now. https://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/how-tim-walked-his-way-to-a-50-pound-weight-loss-wait-what/ & https://www.nhs.uk/live-well/exercise/walking-for-health/


I'd also recommend chatting with a doctor, both about your mental health and to rule out any other hormonal/medical factors that could be affecting your weight & moods. 


RE: What food to eat, this is another area where it might be best chatting with a professional (dietician or nutritionist), but in general you'll want to eat a bit more protein, lots of veggies & fruit where possible, and try to moderate refined/added sugars (eg. biscuits, soda, etc.). Try to eat at least one good meal every day!

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