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1 hour ago, Chris-Tien Jinn said:

What do people wear for weight lifting shoes and/or for CrossFit?  I've been wearing my running shoes, but they seem to encourage me to put my weight forward when I'm lifting.   


I wear chucks when deadlifting and proper squat shoes with a slightly lifted heel for squats. Anything with a flat, hard sole that doesn't compress is okay. I think some vans have such a sole but I don't know which other brands do. The lifted heel on the squat shoes can be useful for squatting if you have limited ankle mobility, but it's not necessary.

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Converse sneakers or any of it's ripoff. Yet I too find bare feet superior for squats (my only type of weight-lifting). 


Running shoes (mostly) have cushioned sole under the heel to act like shock absorber. 

On 1/22/2020 at 3:49 AM, Harriet said:

sole that doesn't compress is okay

So running shoes aren't.

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