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Don's EXPLOSIVE challenge


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Been a long time since I posted here.

Race: Human (5'8", 165lbs, Male, sounds as average as it gets to me)

Goal 1 = lose ten pounds of fat (I think it is all in my stomach...yup, it is! DARN YOU BEER AND PEANUTBUTTER M&Ms!)

Goal 2 = 100 push ups (be able to do 100 without fatigue, I can do 35 now)

Goal 3 = Spend more time going on EPIC adventures with my kids! This means making INTENTIONAL plans to hang out with them and do something active and fun!

BONUS GOAL = Start studying (and make decent headway) toward becoming a Physical Trainer


OH YEA! Ideal profession: Monk. I want to be able to improve core strength and kick @$$

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Building up the initial strength is the worst part.

What I've been doing is 10 sets of 1 every Endurance day, and last time I tested my max I could get 3. How are you coming along with them?

I usually only do three sets:

1 set of 5

1 set of 2-3

Max out (usually 3-5)

and I do that every two days (if I do them on Tuesday, I wont do them again until Friday)

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Put my butt on the scale today (along with the rest of me) and realized I was at 164. It was not hard to come to that realization because, well, that is what the scale said.

This means I already lost a pound ;)

Today I will be fighting my cravings for M & M's and beer. It will be a little difficult as my wife is hosting a "pre" thanksgiving get together for some friends....you guessed it; pumpkin pie, apple crisp, and soda, as far as the eye can see.

I may use the Men's Health napkin method to fight this. They recommend taking a cocktail napkin to the buffet instead of a plate. Only putting on the amount of food you can fit on the napkin and eating that. It encourages you to slow down and to realize when you are full.

I love the holidays, hate the amount of food available.

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agreed re love and hate of holidays. That napkin idea is brilliant! Also, you can't pile the food on like you would a plate without worrying about dropping it and looking silly.

Congrats on the lb loss! good start! : )

"Let another say. 'Perhaps the worst will not happen.' You yourself must say. 'Well, what if it does happen? Let us see who wins!' ".

- Seneca, 63 AD

"There is no better way to fight weakness than with strength." - Henry Rollins

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Ahhh, the pre-thanksgiving dinner.

It went pretty well. I limited myself to one piece of pumpkin pie and just a spoonful of stuffing. I still felt pretty tired (must have been the turkey) afterward.

My goal right now is to "tighten up" on my workouts over the next week. This should help make Thanksgiving have less of an impact on my body. I am organizing a football game Thanksgiving morning among some peers. This should help also. I heard you burn 3-400 calories when you play football for an hour. That would be sweet. I could have a second round of turkey and not feel as bad ;)

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That napkin idea really is great! Then once you finish everything on your napkin, pop in a piece of super strong gum so nobody can channel their own guilt into you and get you to eat more.

Have you ever noticed that? People don't like to eat junk food or drink alcohol alone. They always try to drag you down with it! But if you keep telling them once your gum runs out, you can usually put them off for a long, long while ;)

Actually, gum is a GREAT idea. Plus, you burn calories while chewing it.

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