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New Recruit, Reporting for Duty

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Pigwidgeon, reporting for duty!


Hi, I'm new to this site (and accountability in general). Recently, I realized that I needed some more support to complete my goals and have been reaching out to others to help "clean up" my diet and habits and hopefully get down to a good weight. But I still need more support, so I figured I'd give this a try.


In general, my big goals are weight loss and increase in fitness. In the past year, I've weighed as much as 350 (currently around 333). I'd love to be able to try rock climbing (I think I'd need to be below 300 for this -- maybe even 250, which I haven't weighed since before high school) and do more hiking this summer. I'm currently working towards being able to complete the NF intro body weight workout, but have only manged one set twice this week before I didn't think I'd be able to climb out of the subway to work and I DID NOT want to get stranded with the rats. 


I've always been overweight/obese (since I was a kid) and am hoping to break that cycle, but I know it's going to be a lot of work. But I'm ready to make big changes, and I think this could be a great resource for me.


I've lurked for a few days and really liked how supportive everyone seemed to be and am excited to join the Rebellion!

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Hello, Pigwideon! Yeah, having a higher bodyweight would definitely make bodyweight exercises more intense. I wonder if there's a way to pick slightly easier versions that you can do now without getting run down... or maybe you just need to do fewer reps until you're comfortable with it. Anyway, welcome and good luck!

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Hi Harriet!  I think you're totally right about that. I've a history of being on sports team (basketball and then rugby) and it's something I've always been aware of, but never willing to admit out loud (sounds too much like an excuse for poor performance, or so I've thought). I'll definitely look into modifying any squats/lunges for next week -- hopefully less wear and tear -- thanks for the suggestion!

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