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Some things never change. Hopefully others do.

Mike Wazowski

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Thanks, all. And big digital hugs to you all as well. I actually had gotten a lot of the same info through other sources, but it was cool to see it echoed in the nerdverse.


My anxiety has lessened considerably the past couple days - my work went to 100% WFH for everyone who could manage it, most dance things have been cancelled (I'm still meeting my partner 1:1 with the logic that it's the equivalent of continuing to see a spouse / SO so long as both of you are asymptomatic and have no other reason to suspect infection). The uncertainty was sending my anxiety into overdrive, but now I feel much better. I have a tentative schedule for how I'll spend both my WFH days and my weekend days, the pull-up bar I ordered is scheduled to be delivered today, the sun is out for the first time in a while, and just in general I feel like I can appreciate all the good things I still have. I am prepared for some tough days and weeks ahead, but I have faith that along with my community (including you wonderful nerds), I will pull through this.


Hope all of you and your loved ones are staying safe and staying sane.

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 Ballroom dancer, data nerd, calisthenics dabbler

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