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12 minute mile for 2020

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Hi all! I'm new to the forums so I'm trying to participate where I can, this is more of an accountability thread than anything else (please let me know if its supposed to be somewhere else), I'm relatively new to consistently running but one of my major goals for 2020 if to be able to run a mile in 12 minutes by Halloween, I know that's not super fast but I thought it would be a good jumping off point so to speak. I started out 2020 doing about 18 minutes for a mile and I am now down to 15:43, my first loot check point is at 14 1/2 minutes, I'm thinking a new pair of running shoes or possibly compression socks. Currently I am doing a mile warm up before lifting and I'm trying to at least jog a whole lap (non-consecutively). Any advice is welcome and I will do my best to keep my thread up to date.

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I've recently come back to running and while my pace and distance goals are different, you might still be able to take something from my approach. My long term goal is a 24 minute 5k, which is a 7.8 mph run as far as treadmill speed. The treadmill is my current tool in the cold northeast, I'll be doing more outdoor runs once it warms up.


 My thinking is that I attack the goal from both ends. My long workout runs are 2 miles, and I run these at the pace that I can currently complete twice a week, so 6.3 mph right now. As I get somewhat comfortable with that, I bump the pace. I did 6.4 mph for the second mile last week for example. Slowly that speed will keep climbing.


From the other end, I do shorter intervals once a week at my goal speed, and walk in between to catch my breath. I was running 1/4 mile at 7.8 mph, walking, then doing that 2-3 more times.  As I get comfortable, I bump up the interval length and try to shorten the breaks more. I'm running 7.8 mph for 1km twice right now with a 3-4 min break, and getting ready to add a third km, which would be 1.8-1.9 miles in total.


What I'm hoping is that the runs start converge, complimenting each other on the way. The long runs will get faster and faster, and the intervals will get longer and longer with shorter and shorter rests, until all 3 workouts are 7.8 mph for 2 miles. I'm finding the 7.8 mph runs make the slower, longer runs seem easier pace wise, and are helping me progress the speed faster there. The longer runs are helping my endurance and helping with lengthening the intervals and shortening the rests on those workouts.

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On 2/9/2020 at 3:31 PM, stephaniedavidson said:

major goals for 2020 if to be able to run a mile in 12 minutes by Halloween

I started with the run-walk method, using the power/light poles around my local park and neighborhood but you can try something less variable like a distance or time. 

There are several apps and site that talk about the specifics on the run-walk method but your overall goal is to reduce your walking time/distances til you get to your goal run pace.

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5 hours ago, Strickland5 said:

I started with the run-walk method, using the power/light poles around my local park and neighborhood but you can try something less variable like a distance or time. 

Thats essentially what I'm doing on the treadmill, using the lap distance tracker, I try to do 4.5mph for the first curve and about half way down the straight away and finish the lap at 3.5mph and repeat, I'm working on increasing the distance I'm able to maintain 4.5mph. Once I'm able to do a whole mile at that pace im going to work on increasing my speed and I'll probably be asking for more tips :)

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I live in a rural area so I get to run on roads with farms and cow pastures and wood on each side I have worked my way up to a 3 mile run, on the retur I alternate between walking and 100 meter wind sprints. I had gotten up to where I could run my first mile in 10 minutes but recent injuries and illnesses have had me off the roads and at presnet I am tryiong to work back up to a 11:00 minutes I am 67 and it seems at that age 2 weeks of idleness will cost you 6 months of gains!

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Tempo runs (Fartleks) push it on the straight aways go easy around the corners 

Easy runs, find a nice comfortable pace where you are able to run a complete lap around the track and no it doesn't matter if it's slow, it's more about conditioning your body to run

Long runs, to run faster you need to run longer again at an easy pace that you can have a conversation with someone next to you. Start with two miles and build up to 5+; trust me if you take your time and slowly add in the mileage, you will be running 5 miles by summer time easy


The more you condition yourself to run the faster you will become. If your easy runs gets to easy pick up the pace, don't go out of breath but also make sure you can feel it. Being uncomfortable is fine, hurting is not. Also soreish legs are fine, pain where you can't move is not.  

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1: You're going to want to be able to run a bit of distance before trying to up your speed substantially. 



2:How many days a week are you running?


3: New shoes are always a great idea. They work better, and it's an excuse to go shoe shopping :)

If you're trying to pick good ones, go ask a friend who who runs, or a running shoe store. Don't ask the local sport store as they may very well just point you to what's popular.


I would use Run-Walk. Doing 4 runs a week (I prefer Tues, Wed, Thurs, Sun but it's totally up to the person)


For those runs I: 

Week 1 - > 5 mins of walking and 1 minute of running for 30 minutes (This one can be boring and you may want to say f'it but don't)

Week 2 - > 4 mins of walking and 2 minutes of running for 30 minutes

Week 3 - > 3 mins of walking and 3 minutes of running for 30 minutes

Week 4 - > 2 mins of walking and 4 minutes of running for 30 minutes

Week 5 - > 1 mins of walking and 5 minutes of running for 30 minutes


Week 6 - > 1 mins of walking and 6 minutes of running for 40 minutes

Week 7 - > 1 mins of walking and 7 minutes of running for 40 minutes

Week 8 - > 1 mins of walking and 8 minutes of running for 40 minutes

Week 9 - > 1 mins of walking and 9 minutes of running for 40 minutes

Week 10 - > 1 mins of walking and 10 minutes of running for 40 minutes


Week 11 - > 1 mins of walking and 10 minutes of running for 50 minutes

Week 12 - > 1 mins of walking and 10 minutes of running for 60 minutes


Do this and you'll be crushing that 12 minute goal in no time. May even decide to do a 5k as a next goal.


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Generally i go to the gym 2x a week, working on consistently doing 3x. Unfortunately i missed over a week of workouts because my car was in the shop and trying to do my usual today wore me out so, i am doing a fast walk (3mph) on the straight aways and a stroll (2mph) on the turns. Hopefully i can get back to where i was pretty quick and start using all of ya'lls great tips!

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I'm back on track guys!! I was able to do 4.5mph on the straight aways and 3.0 on the turns. I'm really proud of myself for how quick i was able to get back to where i was and just wanted to share. 


Editted to delete the PB comment, looking at my old times my PB is 15:43 but i am still very proud of this time.


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Congratulations! I am curious about why that much slower on "turns" . Are you using a treadmill that simulates tight turns?

Since I almost always run outside I am pretty ignorant about the lastest indoor equipment.


Last week the weather was perfect for running and I did my first 12 minute mile this winter. Today was chilly and windy and I was a lot slower.

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