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Dantes' Challenge

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Bit late off the bat, still settling in to my new place so this is going to be pretty hectec.

Race: Human/Ogreish I guess

Profession: Warrior

Let's see, I'll try and expand on these in a bit.

Goal #1)

Regain strength.

I haven't actually found a gym yet as I only got in yesterday after 12 hours of driving and ferries (yuck)

Thus finding a gym is first priority, I have rather specific requirements...

Weights in kg

DL > 180 comfortably

Squat > 130

Bench > 90

Weighted Chins > +30

Weighted Dips > +50

OH > 60

DB Row > 50

Muscle Ups > 3 consecutive

Powerclean > 80

Goal #2)

Regain/Acquire ABs

This basically just involves cutting the majority of the shit out of my diet.


#1) No deprivation

#2) If I'm out with friends I won't refuse to eat something but I may eat less of it.

#3) Limit the starchy carbs

#4) Eat a shit ton of protein

#5) Eat a shit ton of vegetables

#6) Limit booze

#7) Stay off the scale

#8) Stay away from the sweets

#9) Drink a shit ton of water

This will also encompass introducing a bit more cardio/non weights related exercises.

Where I'm living is epically hilly so I'm going to be sprinting up them a fair bit hopefully.

Goal #3)

Get Bendier

Alethea recently introduced me to some beginner Yoga poses.

I want to keep doing those and gradually just introduce more.

Due to all the weights and the abuse I've put my body through I'm fairly stiff and sore constantly.

Problem areas for me:



Back (specifically lower, though upper get's tight as well)

Goal #4)

Haven't thought of a non-fitness goal yet.

So watch this space.

Starting Photos

Posted Image

Posted Image

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So the hunt is on for the gym.

Currently the only one I can find is right across town from my work/home and so the search is still on!

Dietary wise I smashed a bacon and egg omelet this morning and I'm working my way through the water.

Going to do some stretching once I hang out some washing.

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Yup new place is good, moving in with my Dad and it's the first time I've lived with him for longer than 4 days since I was say 12 years old? Just need to find a desk and do a bit of shopping/tidying to get fully settled in.

Work starts on monday so I've got a couple days to do it.

Update on the gym situation:

I've found three likely places.

#1) Powerlifting Gym

They have something called the 1000lb club, which scaled to my weight is 908lb apparently.

As my best lifts are already 960lbs I think I'd fit in there.

Price is reasonable, however they're a bit too far away so I'm going to keep looking

#2) Crossfit Gym

Crossfit, not much else to say.

Don't really want to do it though and they're also a bit too far away to get there easily

Not to mention crazy expensive.

#3) The University Gym.

This would be absolutely ideal.

Cheap, two locations (Smaller one right by work and one on the campus itself)

Both locations are close enough.

Well equipped.

I've currently got an email in to them at the moment checking whether I can get a three month membership.

Their website is rather vague surrounding students at other universities.

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Right an overall day update:


Regain Strength

Of the three gyms, two of them are too far away.

The close/cheap university one doesn't have a three month membership for anyone other than the universities students.

Really really don't want to go to a crappy commercial gym... May have to.

Regain/Acquire Abs

Circuits today:

5 rounds for time (7.30)

20 Swings

20 Press Up

20 Squats

Followed by 100 KB Snatches in 4.20


Bit too much starchy carbs (Pastry)

Apart from that I've been good.

Also got in a lot of walking round the hills of wellington, prob > 1h which killed the quads a bit.

Get Bendier

I actually think this unintentional rest break has been just what I've needed.

Haven't felt this good in three weeks. My flexibility is way higher and almost no pain.

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Regain Strength:

Apparently I will hear back from the University gym in the next 3-4 days.

I also have another gym to check out on monday as I'm going away for the weekend.

Regain/Acquire Abs:

Another Circuit style workout today.

Waiters Walk

OH Swing



I also tacked on 48 burpees in 4 min at the end in a 15-15 protocol just because.

The waiters walk is pretty killer


Breakfast consisted of a bunch of sausages.

Lunch: Salad + Bacon... Mmm Bacon.

Get Bendier:

Was pretty good today.

Woke up with fairly tight glutes which was probably due to the hill walking.

Been stretching on and off all day along with a dynamic stretch before the workout.

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I also tacked on 48 burpees in 4 min at the end in a 15-15 protocol just because.

The waiters walk is pretty killer

I just looked up the waiters walk, looks kind of awesome. maybe i'll try fitting that in at some point this week.

and i love that you added on 48 burpees "just because" :)

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48 burpees! Holy crap, dude! I tucker out after far fewer than that.

Heard back from the university gym yet? They sound ideal and a lot of uni gyms to offer public memberships, although there may be a few restrictions on it. Even a drop-in pass could work, depending on how often you're looking at being there.

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Hey, I don't actually hate burpees that much.

I mainly stopped as I was doing them on concrete which was semi killing my wrists.

Might go for a max timed set tomorrow.

The drop in pass is 15 bucks a session.

I usually hit up the gym 3-5 times a week minimum which would equate to 675-1125 bucks over my 15 week stay here give or take.

Could get a 6-12 month membership for that.

I'm a little bit annoyed I didn't have a second KB or I could do a waiters/farmers walk combo.

Sticking with the circuits until then.

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aha, my question was going to be whether you did waiters walk with 1 weight or two. Love that and farmers walk... So simple and smart. They should have assigned us those excercises at the convention hall I used to work at... carrying 8 plates with 1 arm = potential for disaster!

Hey, there's a thought. Put your weight on a tray/flat surface and try to balance it while walking. Stabilizer muscles in the hand/arm ftw!

Your burpee skills amaze me.

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I find the 15-15 Protocol for Burpees amazing.

You're still doing 12 burpees a min but you don't get as gassed early on as you're forced to take rest sets.

Balancing a KB on a plate would be... Interesting to say the least Alethea, sounds painful if I screw it up.

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Travelled up to visit my mother today, been enjoying all of the home cooking and she also bought me the latest W.O.T book as a gift for getting through exams etc. As such I spent the majority of the day either driving, reading, eating or sleeping. Thus I'm feeling pretty epically relaxed but I didn't really move forward on any of my goals.

Regain Strength

No change

Still waiting to hear back from the university gym, checking out the other one on either sunday or monday. Not a lot I can do on this goal until I find a gym.

Major concern with the other gym is it may be missing dip belts + lifting mats which would prohibit several of my compound movements. Fuck working with machines.

Regain Abs

Went backwards a touch, ate a lot of nice food, drank some nice wine, read a great book.

Not great for the abs, but very good for the mind.

Get Bendier

Didn't really need to do any stretching today for pain management so nothing really happened here, bad from me.

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Right, still at mums. Got in a good workout which was sweet.

Also sorted out a desk, visited the grand parents, made plans to visit the girlfriend, finished a book. All in all a good day.

Regain Strength:

This one is hard to measure as I put it in terms of gym goals.


Today I randomly completed 15 easy pull ups. No warm up etc just went and did them (Hammer grip)

So no real progress but my bodyweight stuff is still there and I'm confident that I can churn out 20 chins and/or 30 dips when required/whim takes me.

Regain Abs

Did a Minuteman workout today.

15 minutes, on the minute every minute.

5 Hammer grip pull ups

10 Press Ups

15 BW Squats

Worked out to be about 40 sec work 20 sec rest.

Absolutely brutal on the lungs, the bagel I had didn't help either.


Breakfast - Eggs Benedict (Yum!)

Lunch + Late Snack - 2x Bagels + Grapes (Also Yum!)

Dinner - Pork Steaks (A third Yum!)

Visiting family and my routine is all out of wack until monday when I can finally begin to settle in.

Get Bendier:

Off to do stretches now! Will update later.


Regaining old levels, can keep my hands flat on the ground with straight legs when going from downward dog to a full bend over. Can't quite go the over way yet.

The leg is getting much more horizontal on the pigeon pose.

Can easily grab my toes again on the sitting toe grab hammy stretch which is nice.

Yup, improving nicely here overall.

Feeling much better about it too.

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Regaining old levels, can keep my hands flat on the ground with straight legs when going from downward dog to a full bend over. Can't quite go the over way yet.

The leg is getting much more horizontal on the pigeon pose.

Can easily grab my toes again on the sitting toe grab hammy stretch which is nice.

Yup, improving nicely here overall.

Feeling much better about it too.

the sitting toe grab hammy stretch is probably my worst stretch. im jealous you can easily grab your toes!

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Regain Strength:

Checking out two gyms tomorrow.

Regain Abs:

Went for a 2.5km hill run after dinner, half up half down.

Food today has been alright, no major snacks.

Breakfast: Pancakes (Mothers famous recipe)

Lunch: Quiche

Snack: Banana + Protein Shake

Dinner: Salmon steak + Salad.

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I also chucked up some photos in the OP. Hopefully can improve on those in the coming weeks.

Regain Strength:

Found a commercial gym that's basically perfect.

Good selection of free weights, KBs, Squat racks (saw a guy doing curls) dip belts, powerlifting area.

Three more to look at tomorrow... /cry this is hard!


It's $44/week and contracts are 6 months minimum.

Back to looking

Regain Abs:

Another circuit workout today.


Breakfast - bacon and Egg omelet

Lunch - Lamb and Hard boiled Egg

Snack - Apple and Nuts.

Dinner - Pork Chop + salad and a couple strawberries.

Get Bendier:

Definitely getting much much bendier which is awesome.

Generally just feeling more lithe and flexible which is an amazing feeling.

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Choking is correct.


Regain Strength:

At long last I think we have a winner, just attempting to pick up a cheap membership second hand at the moment.

All things going well I should be demolishing the gym on friday (So far away)

Regain Abs:

Was pretty good with food today. I'm trending towards more paleo dinners which is nice and most of the shittier carbs have been removed.

Just a tweaking process now. This goal will be sped up once I can actually get back into the gym as strength training is my preferred method.

I also seriously think I may injure myself due to all of the high rep BS.

I tend to get kinda bored when smashing out larger numbers of reps

Boredom = Concentration slip = Shitty form = Injury even with the lack of weight.

Also I tend towards injury more on the higher rep stuff especially in the shoulders around the massive amounts of pushing movements I tend to do when I don't have a gym (I usually do more pulling)



Breakfast - Bacon and Eggs

Lunch - Massive Pork, Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato Sandwich, Apple

Snack - Mixed Nuts + Dried Fruit and Protein Shake

Dinner - 3 Lamb Chops, couple sausages, Salad (Lettuce, Capsicum, Tomato, Avocado)


20 min snatch protocol, 15-15

240 Snatches completed

Stopped due to epic finger blister and shitty technique.

Probably another weekly progress shot on thursday.

There isn't really gona be much change.

Get Bendier:

Completed all of my stretches today.

Feeling very happy with this goal so far.

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