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Quirky Quinn

QQ 2020-2

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23 hours ago, deftona said:

Butter pie sounds amazing, why didn't I know about this.


I know!  It is super awesome but whenever I mention it to someone who lives more than maybe 15 miles outside of Preston they have never heard of it - it must be the most local delicacy ever created.  


All the butter* for it I say! 







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A much better day yesterday, nice and productive.  Food was OK I may have had a unicorn ice cream at the INSISTANCE of LQ!!


I didn't run as MrsQ was out as usual on a Thursday when she meets up with some Pals and does her thing.  Sometimes she goes a little bit later and I can make it out before she goes but not last night and that's fine.


I also took the opporunity to watch some football on the big telly downstairs!! What a luxury, usually football is confined to my study!!


And that's about as exciting as yesterday got!  








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Oh those Unicorn ice creams mmmmmmmm :)


Yeah footy !! haha which game? United? Arsenal? THAT MISS AT THE END WOW!!!!


Hope your weekend will be great xx

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