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You have plenty of reasons to be cranky. Rant and get it out of your system. Howling is good. Really, it will make you feel better.


Are any of your health providers doing phone/video consultations? That would be better than resorting to random YouTube videos for back exercises. Having someone actually manipulate your back would be better, but in a crisis we take what we can get.

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Nah, it's okay. The times just ramped up into hard mode out of like nowhere, so it's totally okay to be upset about it. And if you were going to be upset anywhere, the challenge threads are as good a place as any.


It sounds like Mistr's asking about virtual consults if I understand her comments rightly, and while that's definitely no substitute for in-person care, it's better than nothing. Is that even an option right now?

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PCPs are doing phone consults and video calls but I don't have a PCP. And they can't do anything till I get more imaging done and I can't do that till the imaging Dept at the hospital is open for non-emergency cases. So holding pattern.


And one of my personality flaws is that I am a deeply impatient person by nature. 


So this will be fun. 


On the upside, my neck seems to be more or less fixing itself. Range of motion is coming back and it doesn't hurt nearly as bad. 


On the downside my back is staying the same more or less. Some days better others worse, some days radiating arm and leg pain some days not, still super stiff and still having intermittent issues with having a hard time lifting my right leg to walk. Like it doesn't hurt to lift it, I just sometimes can't do it normally (and other times it's fine so...?). The neuro signs I have are mild and not specific to a single vertebra which means it's likely just general muscle inflammation causing the nerves to get compressed and will probably heal with time (esp since they're intermittent) but they are why the doctor following me explicitly said to not do anything physio or stretch-y till we get the images because if it's inflammation of muscles compressing the nerves it's fine to do exercises but if it's something like a couple herniated discs I could make it worse. It's like 90/10 that it's inflammation in muscles intermittently pressing on nerves but the 10 is why I need to be careful and patient. Even though careful and patient are two things I am crap at. 

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Ok so today and yesterday I finally had progress in terms of pain level and mobility for my back! :D


like all of the sudden I can go a good chunk of the day without pain meds and muscle relaxers. Not comfortably but not so uncomfortable that I can't function. My gut is very glad for the break from ibuprofen, too. I can walk more and am not experiencing as much neurological issues (less foot drop and more normal movement on my right leg, less shooting pains on my left leg, and less radiating pains on my arms. I can even almost do stairs with both legs again! :D I haven't had the ability to lift/straighten my right leg with enough strength to tackle stairs reliably lately so approaching normal stair climbing, even if I need to assist a bit with arms due to pain is huge). This is about on the timeline that I was told to expect neuro stuff to start to resolve if it's mainly muscle inflammation causing pinched nerves so yaaay!


still going to be slow and careful and minimize twisting/bending but in my head I am jumping for joy right now! Going to celebrate this weekend with a gentle and slow early morning walk around the neighborhood with my partner keeping 6ft of separation between us to set a good example to others. I can do that without aggravating it and it genuinely seems like things got helped along by the movement of having to work at work instead of at home. Hoping a walk will be helpful and it will also get me out in fresh air which I sorely need. 

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