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The Shogun's Journey: Acta Non Verba

The Shogun

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This week I started with two days of IF in a row. Still trying to make it adjust to my schedule when I visit the office (some days I stay at home, workout and meal prep while others I go to the office, work on my personal projects after I'm done for the day, and rest).


I also started doing more bodyweight stuff than just going for a run.


I'm easing myself into a suspension trainer circuit with some wing chun drills (sponsored by Sifu Meredith) mixed in, but nothing so formal or structured like I used to, more like some notes I quickly wrote on a Whatsapp message to myself that resemble a workout routine and I stop when I feel like I can't do more.

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One must still have chaos in oneself to give birth to a dancing star.

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Nice! Glad to see that you're adapting to the IF. I'm sure it's something of a necessity, but it's a way to cut out a kind of dependence, which has its uses.


Be easy with it, though. It can be pretty powerful stuff, but use it wrong and it can powerfully affect you in ways you may not want. Like, for me, I think my overdoing it back in the day might have accelerated the hypothyroidism I deal with now. No need to be a hero with this. There's no laurel crown for victory.


But yeah, being easy with hard stuff is kind of like the monk life, I feel like? So you're on it. Keep on it!

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