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2 hours ago, Kishi said:

Personally, I'mma chalk it up to a subpar night's sleep as the heat's come in for us down here and our landlord insists on controlling the thermostat, so it was a relatively warm night and I got down kind of late relatively speaking. Used to be we could hack our way around it but he's set up one of those "Smart Systems" now that's kind of resistant to the way we used to do it. Although, OTOH, if it's a smart system, he should be able to just adjust it from his phone, so it's not like if we ask him it's a terrible inconvenience for him. (OTOOH, we shouldn't have to ask).

No way in hell I'd let a landlord set my thermostat. We'd have a Come-to-Jesus meeting about that REAL fast.

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"By the Most-Righteous-and-Blessed Beard of Sir Tanktimus the Encourager!" - Jarl Rurik Harrgath

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16 minutes ago, Tanktimus the Encourager said:

No way in hell I'd let a landlord set my thermostat. We'd have a Come-to-Jesus meeting about that REAL fast.


Well, it hasn't been a major issue so far. Used to be we the tenants would see a lock on temperature and go, "Oh, that's cute." And then we'd unlock it. And he never came for us or anything like that. But now he's set a password on it and everything; I don't know if he'll just let us do it again or what.


Might have to look into some kind of a collectivized approach if the other tenants are having troubles with this.

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So, the landlord wound up being cool with cooling things off. Cool.


It's still enough to make me go looking at other apartments, but TBH I would need help moving and right now with Covid19 making the rounds, that's just not a good idea.


Wrapped up Week 1 of Elements. It's run 6 days with the last day being a stretch session and nothing planned for today. I'm cool with it. I like how relaxed this all feels compared to the way things have been. It actually felt weird to do Shadow work afterward, but I'd committed to myself that I was going to do it, so. This Covid19 thing has actually been really good in terms of helping me find different shadowboxing drills to work with, and I actually found myself a little challenged with the drill I was working last night.


The days go by.


Gotta vent about a couple people real quick:



Sparkles texted this morning to ask if we'd have a roll party over at Singularity's place. And I'm like, "My dude, I know you want 2 weeks paid leave from Uber, but I don't think you've read the fine print and also no." I'm trying to be compassionate and remember that he's got ADHD and doesn't medicate, and that that particular disorder is in a family of disorders that's adjacent to personality disorders, and he's probably a little desperate for stimulation on top of his stupidity. But I still say he's a stupid person.


Like I wrote one of those 3AM posts on Facebook talking about how what we're doing is important and we need to avoid congregating and I know he at least saw it because he Liked it, but that very night he was like, "So, hey, who's coming to roll?" And I'm like, fucking wot m8? What part of "we need to avoid congregating" did you miss?


The other person who's driving me nuts is a cousin who's been sharing all kinds of propaganda on her feed about how we don't have enough information to make the decisions we're making as a country right now, with the subtext being that we shouldn't have changed anything (because generally the idea of Insufficient Evidence is deployed with that point in mind) and also, hey, the PRC is awful and socialism is bad.


And I'm over here like, you know. My dad's in his 70s, status post a heart attack, working as a cashier in the very grocery stores that are keeping us fed right now and exposing himself to one of the vectors of disease transmission that we just can't do anything about. If we had stronger safety nets and subsistence programs, maybe he wouldn't have to be. But no, no, let's go ahead and work my old man to death because Lord knows he hasn't been through enough.


That's honestly the most stressful part of all this for me. Like, whatever if I get sick. I'm youngish and strong, and more to the point I'm relatively well-prepared with medicine and food. I can fight this thing and win, and I got the odds in my favor.


But I can't do anything to protect the people I care about who are vulnerable to this thing beyond yelling about how the system set them up to take a hit they couldn't take, and meanwhile here's this other person who's being a total asshole in the name of her principles. I can't really articulate how angry that makes me.


On the bright side, I've actually become more neighborly. I actually struck up a conversation with one of my neighbors yesterday and ain't done that in a while. It was nice. I've not had a single bad neighbor in all the time I've been here, really, and I'm actually rather grateful for that.


Anyway. Saturday means making up hours right now, so that's what I'm doing. Fortunately, I don't have that much to make up from the week so I'll be gone early. Beyond that, probably do some cleaning and some writing when I get back.


One other bright side is that my weight and body composition have remained steady so far. Gonna hold here another week and then decide whether I want to do the training add-ons that are in Elements or if I want to make a tiny cut in my calories. ("But Kishi! You could do both of the things." Yeah, but I don't wanna. I like how easy life is with a reduction in variables, not to mention how much more productive it is).

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So, hey there y'all! I'll be jumping into the next challenge just as soon as I can get in front of a computer that lets me work with imaging files and gifs, because the work computer ain't gonna let me do it. But a last wrap is in order anyway.


This challenge was about the basics. And it held for a while. Everything went the way I wanted it to.


And then it didn't. Not just because of Covid19, although that's definitely a piece of it. More of it had to do with finding that I wasn't applying my protocols correctly, and also I found that I was getting some negative feedback from my body in terms of muscle pains, joint pains, things of that nature. Since elective care is kind of off the table right now between pandemic precautions and my own doubts as to whether the insurance would actually cover me or not, I kind of found myself drawn to GMB again. Specifically to their programs and their claim that they can help with the kinds of pains and dysfunctions that I've been dealing with.


As a result, I'm feeling better, moving better, looking about like I was, and not really regretting any of it. The basics haven't changed any, but my understanding of them has, and I feel good about the next challenge.


Also, having made some adjustments to my nutrition, accounting for Lab Door's findings on my protein powder, I've decided that I'll just take up more Elements work at the end of this week. Reason being that I'm kind of slashed to the bone in terms of how much protein I'm getting, and I don't really see how to dip in calories without losing that. (of course, I could just take more protein powder, but that gets pricier, and I'd rather keep my costs on the lower end if I could).


Nice to have all that decided. Now I just need to refigure where shadowboxing fits and how given some of the new priorities which will be detailed next round.


But hey, on the whole, it's good to be back and in the swing of things. Even if it is in the middle of Interesting Times.

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