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Introductions - Back to NF after long hiatus

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Hi everyone. 

My name is Craig, or 'Cr33g'. I used to be a semi-active member here on Nerd Fitness in 2013 or so, but for reasons I can't remember, I stopped coming... but I'm back again. :)


I'm a 32 year old health and fitness enthusiast who is interested in nutrition, exercise and physiology and the science behind lifting. I also practice judo, training in the sport for over 10 years and currently holding a brown belt, with hopes to achieve my first degree black belt this year. 


I have a girlfriend/partner of over six years and the two of us adopted a 'fur baby' last year, a near two year old Australian bull-arab. He is a giant, lovable goofball. In my spare time, I love video games, art and digital photography. 


Last year, I achieved a weight loss of 22kg (48 Ibs) in less than 10 months. I had hired the services of a qualified strength and conditioning coach, who taught me so much about strength training and nutrition. Sadly though, I am no longer employing her services as she has become quite expensive, but it is what it is.


Regardless, her help allowed me the opportunity to compete at a nationally sanctioned judo competition, winning a gold medal and a silver medal. She also greatly helped me in rehabilitating my right knee, as I had surgery in late 2018 (my right knee has no ACL, 70% of my meniscus is gone, cartilage is gone and my right knee cap has signs of arthritis, I'll probably need a knee replacement in my 40's).


I have put on a little bit of weight in the last few months (7kg / 15 Ibs), but I am once again back on the good eating and exercise train, seeing some weight loss results once more. 


Hope to speak to you guys soon here on the forums! 



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