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Need Breakfast + Lunch Ideas

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I’m finally beginning my journey into getting fit and I need some ideas for meal prep. I’m a person that likes routine so the same breakfast and the same lunch everyday is perfect for me but I need ideas on what these could be. Obviously they need to be healthy, balanced and not too calorie heavy. 

Any help is really greatly appreciated. 

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Protein is good to have because it is satiating. For breakfast you could do eggs, or yogurt,  or leftovers. lunch could be protein  and veggies, things likes salads and soups. The nice thing about soup is you can make a big batch and eat it for several days

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My go-to breakfast is this: 


- Isolate whey protein powder (low fat/sugar/carbohydrate - any flavour you want, replace with vegan protein if dairy/lactose intolerant or vegan). 

- Quick, plain oats.

- Some low sugar cranberry juice.

- Some full cream milk (replace with almond milk if dairy/lactose intolerant or vegan)

- Mixed berries, fresh or frozen. 


It's very quick and easy to make and you can have it either as a mixed cold porridge, a mixed warm/hot porridge (if you use a microwave) or you can put it all in a blender and make it into a smoothie. Regardless of how you prep it, it tastes damn good too. All the ingredients can be bought from the groceries (the protein powder may need to come from a specialised "health" store) but most of the ingredients can last you about a week or so, the protein powder however can last for a long time, depending on what size container you get.


Most of the ingredients are quite cheap (frozen berries over fresh is much cheaper) but the protein powder can be costly, depending on the brand... like I said though, the protein will last. 


As for how much you have, that's up to you. For my needs, here's what I have: 


- 30g (about one scoop) of the protein. 

- 100g of the quick oats.

- 100ml of the low sugar cranberry juice.

- 100ml of milk. 

- 50g worth of frozen, mixed berries. 


With the above measurements, here's what you get out of it: 


Protein: 48g

Carbohydrates: 94g

Fats: 23g

Calories: 768


Depending on your needs, you could increase, or decrease the measurements. 


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