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Paleo diet confusion


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I have a couple of questions about the paleo diet.

can you eat diary? I bought the book "The Paleo Solution" and the author goes on about diary has the same effects as grains. But then I buy "The Primal Blueprint Cookbook", which the author of "The Paleo Solution" recommends, and a couple of the recipes have some diary products listed as ingredients. Things like half and half, cream, and cheese are listed, I thought these things were banned, or is there some exceptions that I'm not aware of.

Also I was on the paleo diet for two weeks before I drunkenly gave in to some jack in the box, and I was expecting stomach pains/gas like everybody reports they get after going paleo then cheating a bit, but I was fine. So do these side effects come with being on the paleo diet longer than two weeks or am I just not that sensitive?

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What Loren said. Paleo /= Primal but they are very similar. Paleo is mostly a diet while Primal is a full lifestyle, including diet. I say stick with it. Also, you can't say you gave in because you were drunk, as generally the act of getting drunk in the first place indicates you've given in (alcohol /= Paleo).

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Yeah, drunk ain't paleo....A good starting place is primal/archevore you can google archevore and get on that program and then if you want to go paleo you will need to remove dairy. I eat primal/archevore and I love it, but dairy is NOT paleo...it is primal...I know it sounds confusing but it really isnt.

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