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J3NN Hula Hoops through Safer at Home times


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Today I started two weeks of working from home. I’m not working my normal hours and I’m not working with my normal team. I was able to set up a makeshift home office by clearing out some space in the gym and setting up a folding table in front of the window. My boss let me bring my work chair home too. So, even though I’m home and isolated, I’m still busy, at least part of the day. I don’t want to look back on these two weeks and feel like I have nothing to show for it except thumb injuries from scrolling feeds on my phone, so I am going to make this challenge about doing more and limiting my exposure to the news and more importantly the reactions to the news. I may shift my major goals if/when I go back to the office, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. The goal will remain the same, to limit exposure, but I may not have as much free time so we’ll see what happens.


So I’m going to do this the same way we always do, focusing on food, fitness and leveling up my life.



  • My food choices are definitely more limited right now, and there are a lot more carbs, but we’ll make this work. I’m not going to beat myself up over having to eat what’s available. But I do want to remember that I know lots of ways to eat healthy and stay full while I avoiding all the carbs.
  • Track food and weigh in Weekly weigh in, daily tracking, even if you go over


  • Working from home, even with my work chair, is going to be a challenge for my back and for moving because my house is a lot smaller than my office. So I’m going to try to be proactive with yoga, walking and hula hooping. 
  • I love a video "Yoga For Neck and Shoulder Pain", so I’m going to try to do this daily M-F.
  • I got my hula hoop! So I’m going to use hooplovers.tv to start learning how to hula hoop for fitness. I’ll play this by ear, hopefully daily M-F, just not sure how long, I’ll work up to a longer period or specific workouts, to start I’d be happy with 5-7 minutes.
  • Spin Poke Stop (get out and walk) - Daily I need to get my steps in and keep my Pokemon streaks, so I want to go for a walk at least once a day to go spin the local stops.
  • My hubbie thinks I should start working on pull-ups too. We’ll see about that.

Level up your life

  • At the beginning of the year I focused on four goals. Q1 is nearly over and it’s time to regroup on how it’s going. With the new world, all of these actually still feel really relevant and I feel strongly that I can stay commited to them.
    • A place for everything and everything in it’s place
      • Being at home every day will bring this to the forefront. But I don’t want any pressure, so I’m going to keep this simple with three chores to do every day. Some will just be normal cleaning and some will be working on the overall organizing. 30-60 minutes a day. Will change daily.
      • Explore fitness activities to find exercise I enjoy and will do consistently
        • See fitness above, I’m excited about the hula hoop and I love walking and the yoga makes me feel good so these are all things I want to do.
      • Create opportunities to share common interests (with friends and family)
        • This is more important now than ever, we just have to figure out how to do it virtually, and who will do it with us… The names may change, and teh groups may be smaller but I plan to use Slack, text, Facebook groups, this forum, Zoom and more to connect with people and not become totally isolated.
      • Uncover and follow my spiritual path
        • What better time to dig deep and figure out what you want to leave in the world than a time like this. I have been making small steps and I think I can now commit to more in depth learning.
          • Simple Abundance tools -1 hr M-F
            • Daily Dialogue-750 words daily
            • Gratitude Journal - 3 per day (can use the zero week thread here)
            • Illustrated Discover Journal
            • Golden Mirror Meditation
            • Personal Treasure Map
            • Creative Excursions
            • Authentic Dig
          • Meditation-5-10 minutes 5x/week
          • Witchy learning from my daily devotional
          • Tarot - I got the deck but I haven’t studied it yet


  • Art/Draw
    • Drawing prompt, post on Instagram
  • Read
    • We ride upon sticks
    • Next book club pick
  • Learning
    • Leadership books
    • Work things (I had a list building)
  • Quarantine fomo
    • There are so many amazing people and companies working overtime to keep us entertained, engaged and learning - I don’t want to miss out on these opportunities while they exist, so I’m going to give myself permission to enjoy a little bit every day
  • Crochet
    • At least one row on the blanket, or equal time on another project


I’m going to create one of those cool schedules everyone is posting right now and use these times to fill my business hours so that when I look back on this time, I’ll have something to remember.


Tracking will be as below, since I’m getting this out so late today, I’m going to give myself a break for several items and not count today.


  To date Committed % Reached Measure
  29   Comple video
Hula Hoop   29   Min. 5 minutes
Spin Poke Stop (get out and walk)
  35   Daily
Art/Draw   30  
Drawing prompt, post on Instagram
Daily Dialogue   35   750 words daily
Simple Abundance tools
  29   1 hr M-F
Meditation   29  
5-10 minutes 5xweek
Chores   102  
Three things daily
Read   2  
We ride upon sticks; next book club
Weigh in 1 6 16.67% Weekly
Track food   35  
Daily, even if I go over
Learning   29  
Min 15 min to count
Connection 2 30 6.67%
Counts if conversation with someone outside the household
Quarantine fomo 1 30 3.33%
Min 15 min to count
Crochet   30  
At least one row on the blanket, or equal time on another project


Thanks for being here ans part of the community that will continue to feel like normal life, I appreciate you all!

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Hmm, well day two was very busy, and I missed several things on my schedule because I had such a volume of work to do. I may have to be more lenient in  my goals.


In good news, I went to the grocery store and it wasn't bad... no paper goods still, but I go everything else on my list, except what I forgot...because I had two lists and didn't remember to check both, oops. They were actively stocking bread and produce, and the selection was decent. Not saying the selection was as good as it used to be, BUT, it's kind of nice to not have so many choices, it makes things go a lot faster.


So I didn't get to my hula hoop, yoga, drawing, walking, learning, quarantine fomo or crochet yet. I'm trying to prioritize those with cooking dinner and relaxing, so we'll see what happens. I DID get a video of me hula hooping so I can take a still from it and draw my dare from @Rookie from like six years ago (or maybe that was last week, who can remember)... That will get done one of these days.


I did a 5 min meditation, it wasn't the best one I've done, and I found myself with serious monkey brain. But I tried... one down... now to keep the streak up.


For connection, people are reaching out to me, so that's been easy, but kind of cheating. I need to connect with some people of my doing, so that'll be a goal for tomorrow.


I did my three chores and have a list started for tomorrow, I guess If I was going to do something, doing chores and skipping hula hoop may be okay:

  • Washed all the towels
  • Grocery shopping
  • Went through my freezer and pantry and made a list of possible dinner ideas to make it easy to plan
  • Bonus: Schedule appointment at the auto shop to take my truck in and have the alignment fixed

Tomorrow my husband is off because he worked Sunday, so it will be interesting with all three of us here.

Here are the stats so far:

  To date Committed Reached
Yoga For Neck and Shoulder Pain 0 29 0%
Hula Hoop 0 29 0%
Spin Poke Stop (get out and walk) 1 35 3%
Art/Draw 0 30 0%
Daily Dialogue 1 35 3%
Simple Abundance tools 1 29 3%
Meditation 1 29 3%
Chores 4 102 4%
Read 2 30 7%
Weigh in 1 6 17%
Track food 1 35 3%
Learning 0 29 0%
Connection 3 30 10%
Quarantine fomo 1 30 3%
Crochet 0 30 0%
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Yesterday did not go according to schedule... not that it didn't have good things happen, but it was still a lot work. I'm learning that the apocalypse is a lot more work than pre-apocalypse was. I mean... we knew it would be, if we've read the books...and if you're here, you probably did... There's all the hunting and gathering, the protecting, the shelter making... all that stuff, it's a lot of work... plus you have to stay fit, because Cardio beats Zombies right? I just didn't really believe that I'd be doing that stuff. Having to hunt down supplies and food...hello toilet paper... having to home sew face masks for my husband because the supply is so drastically low... having to keep the house clean... having to be creative to stay active... And never did I think I'd have to do my day job while all this apocalypse stuff was going on, but here I am with my sewing machine set up next to my laptop so I can multi-task and do ALL the things... Oh... and then throw car maintenance in there to boot :) Thank goodness hubby was off yesterday and cooked both lunch and dinner, that was such a big help, I should add that to my gratitude. So needless to say, I haven't had time to hula hoop, or yoga, or draw or crochet... by the time I'm done with the day, and we're down to eating dinner and catching up on shows (oh, because that's a thing... in the apocalypse, you didn't just get to sit down and binge watch tv, but we still get to do that thank heavens...) I'm too exhausted to doodle or crochet at that time... I can hardly see straight for goodness sake.


So here are the stats... current to right now, including what I've accomplished today. I made a second face mask, this one with a pocket to add a coffee filter in for additional protection. It's crazy to think it's come to this. So waiting for hubby to come home to test it out before I make the rest...

  To date Committed Reached
Yoga For Neck and Shoulder Pain 1 29 3%
Hula Hoop 0 29 0%
Spin Poke Stop (get out and walk) 2 35 6%
Art/Draw 0 30 0%
Daily Dialogue 2 35 6%
Simple Abundance tools 1 29 3%
Meditation 1 29 3%
Chores 7 102 7%
Read 3 30 10%
Weigh in 1 6 17%
Track food 3 35 9%
Learning 1 29 3%
Connection 6 30 20%
Quarantine fomo 1 30 3%
Crochet 0 30 0%


Hope you are all having a good time wherever you are and whatever you're doing!


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Today was better. It's the first day I've come close to being bored. I'm not sure if that's good or bad. It was super quiet at work today so I was working on all my things and got through almost everything already... I just found a pattern to mix it up for crochet and see if I can want to do that for a while. I'm charging my kindle so I can read. So then I just need to draw, learn and do some Quarantine fomo. Yesterday the SiriusXM Coffee House station played a live session with Dave Matthews, It was great, so I'm hoping they'll do something like that again here very soon.


Here's the chart for today:

  To date Committed Reached
Yoga For Neck and Shoulder Pain 2 29 7%
Hula Hoop 1 29 3%
Spin Poke Stop (get out and walk) 4 35 11%
Art/Draw 0 30 0%
Daily Dialogue 3 35 9%
Simple Abundance tools 3 29 10%
Meditation 2 29 7%
Chores 10 102 10%
Read 3 30 10%
Weigh in 1 6 17%
Track food 5 35 14%
Learning 1 29 3%
Connection 7 30 23%
Quarantine fomo 2 30 7%
Crochet 0 30



Tonight we're ordering some takeout so we can help support the local community and tomorrow we're going to try a virtual game night with some friends. So it is nice to have something to look forward to that's kind of normal... 


Happy Friday all!


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