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Rebelling Up - Frosty's 3rd Challenge


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Pre-Challenge Check In

Well that was unexpected! Due to my personal scheduling as well as covid-19, I did NOT complete my 2nd challenge, so here I go, restating and rerunning my 2nd NF Challenge, with some tweaks. To all my fellow Rebels out there, we've got this! Here's to working out while social distancing and staying on track even though it feels like everything has gone off the rails. 


Quest: Ritualistic

Goal - Establish a structured morning and nightly ritual!



·             ASAH (As Soon As Home) – pack for next day/chore/dinner

·             1 hour before – yoga/PT exercises

·             40 min before – bath/face/teeth

·             20 min before – journal/read

·             Bedtime - lay down/listen to relaxing song



·             ASAGU (As Soon As Get Up) – clothes/workout

·             1 hour before – shower/makeup/hair

·             15 min before – bfast/coffee

·             Workday starts - sit down & start timers


Method – I will set timers and reminders on my phone calendar to make sure I follow my rituals.


Quest: Let's Get Physical

Part 1: STEPS

Goal – Walk 10,000 steps each day!

Method – I will pay attention to my fitbit notifications. Every hour, if I have not walked at lease 250 steps, it will buzz at me. to accomplish my goal, I will aim for 750 - 1,000 steps instead of 250.



Goal - Working out from home is a new challenge upon which many of us are embarking. Here is my plan for home workouts.














Roll out

20 min

20 min

20 min

20 min

45 min

20 min



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On 3/25/2020 at 10:27 PM, Rookie said:

How good the routine building?

Oh my, it wasn't going well, although this week has taken an upswing! 


For the past two nights, I have been successfully doing my nightly routine and actually waking up "on time" without feeling groggy, not wanting to, etc. Tonight, I hope to do the same thing - draw a bath, turn on some soothing music, and do a proper wind-down so that my body knows it's time for sleep. 


I have been keeping track of my progress with colorful chart, but here is what I have noticed so far: (data, data, data)

  1. I love coloring in the chart. I will continue to use some version of this from now on because it motivates me to complete tasks so that I can color them in. 
  2. I have too many squares on that chart and I'm too focused on filling out the chart, rather than coupling the elements of the routine into an actual routine. 
  3. I probably need to kiss - keep it simple(r) stupid. 

For now, I will keep the same goals and let you guys know how I'm doing! 

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Alright, Rebels, it's almost the end of challenge #3 and I have to tell you, this one has not gone well for me. 

Sure I could blame The Rona, but to be perfectly honest, I don't think it's been that. I think, as per usual, that I bit off more than I could chew goal wise. I don't think I kept it simple, (stupid). 


I have a plan for the next challenge, and it will be seriously pared down from this time. This only being my third challenge, I think I am seeing trends in my goal setting in general, which is helping me make more goals. Yay, data! 


Thank you guys so much, and I am looking forward to the next one! 

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