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Rookie Goes Streaking


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1 hour ago, fitnessgurl said:

Yay progress pics! 🎉🎉🎉

Great job!

:D thanks





Vet let me come early since it wasn't actually an appointment and all they were going to do was weigh them and give me the flea meds. I brought the bug we took off Wesley and they confirmed it was a flea. Soooo I guess we have a lot of vacuuming in our future. Basically they just said to vacuum all the carpets and especially the corners reallllly well. The meds will take care of the adults that try to bite the dogs and will kill them almost instantly or something like that. 

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Yesterday we had a day off work which was nice. Though I find when I'm working I have all the motivation and ideas of what to do when I'm not working... Then come a day off and I'm like ah..  I'm just going to sit here and do nothing useful. Though it was bright and shiny outside so that helped. I set up my hammock frame in the background, swept part of the garage I cleared, rearranged one of the shelves and made more room. All the while saying to myself "I wish I donated all the things before the quarantine happened..." But then I remember I didn't do it because of my ankle 😥 so I guess I'm excused.


I did laundry and a few other things which I'm forgetting. And most importantly last night I set up the Easter baskets! 


This morning I attempted fluffy bread and it turned out real good! And I made our cold cut brunch which everyone seemed to enjoy. Then I started working on the painting for my coworker. I scrapped my original idea and found an image I love. Pictures below of all the things. 






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1 hour ago, Whisper said:

I like your butterfly. I like what you've done with hands recently too.

I was tempted to leave the butterfly like that because I thought it looked cool and I liked the artsiness. But I like what I've done with it so far too. 20200411_221623.thumb.jpg.cdbd93c8db531117198c21959f39a420.jpg


I am enjoying painting hands. Who knew lol 


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Thanks guys! :) Its almost done. It needs a few more coats and I need to find her address to sneak send it. 


I kind of got derailed yesterday eating wise and ended up eating all the easter snackies. Saturday was my designated not counting day. Well that slipped into Sunday. 


For some reason I just haven't been thirsty so drinking my 2L of water has been hard. I have no clue why. 


Today though I am doing better.... though my planned lunch of split pea soup got derailed because the peas never got mushy. So that will be lunch tomorrow. Today I had a sandwich and more easter snackies (But counted and portioned out!). Soup cooked for 3hrs in slowcooker then I switched to a pot in hopes it might be ready by time lunch rolled around... it is now 2.5hrs after lunch and NOPE lol. Its almost done though. But I have been also saying that for 2hrs.





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Yesterday I ended up having a mini feast of jelly beans and the rest of my chocolate bunny after dinner. Yup that happened. I am trying again today. I knew this was a risk of having a day where I could eat whatever I wanted.


Reading I have been doing bomb at. I am now on the last book in the Harry Potter series T_T And inside my book I just noticed there's a stamp or something which I never noticed before. Saying "I, ____________________________ on the 21st day of July, 2007, at one stroke past midnight received my copy of this, the final installment, in the Harry Potter series." I thought that was pretty cool. I remember I was a bit late into the Harry Potter scene... I heard how popular it was and naturally didn't want to read it on principle. However once I read the first few words of the first book I was hooked! I remember going to a 2-3 midnight releases (maybe more???) for the books with my mom :) We even did it again for the Cursed Child a few years later. 


My barn is talking about having a schedule so that we can go and visit our horses because our area has extended the state of emergency another 28 days. Which she has shared the rules... we must wear gloves the whole time. And we can only be outside. So anyone with a locker inside (me) has to basically put anything they would need into their car and keep it there until this is all over. Stinky lol but worth it. Who knows if my ankle is good enough to ride.... but it rarely feels pain anymore unless I go out of my way to stress it. So we shall see :D




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On 4/18/2020 at 6:32 AM, Waanie said:

That enchilada looks delicious :D. I hope you can go riding again soon! 

It was yummy 😊


I'm not sure I'll be able to ride but it sounds like I'll be able to go see her beginning of May. I went for a walk yesterday and my ankle was a bit sore this morning. I emailed my chiropractor and he found me a YouTube video of exercises to do and said in a few weeks I can move onto a wobble board.

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So far so good. Last week I did 4/7 days on track. This week I am on a 2 streak lol hoping to make that 3 today :) Weight has been bouncing up and down which is totalllly understandable.  I seemed to have gotten my water drinking flow back. I am not sure why it sometimes goes away. 


I got out for a small 25-30 min walk last week with all 3 doggos and that made my ankle kind of meh the next day but we all really enjoyed it anyways. I did the ankle exercises from the video my chiro sent last night (with some coaxing from @J3NN) and I am happy to report that my ankle did not feel stiff or sore this morning from them. I am going to try and do it each night before bed. 


Work-wise I have been pretty productive so I feel good about that. 


I have made a few purchases during this quarantine to try and make my life better / out of necessity. I bought a flea comb + new pet hair friendly mini handheld vacuum. (Yay that flea we found on Wesley seemed to be the first and only flea). I also got a counter top container for our compost bag. And Sunday I bought a new slowcooker and non-stick frying pan. Our slowcooker kind of worked... sometimes... but randomly would shut itself off which was not ideal for a slowcooker lol. So I finally bit the bullet and just bought a new one since I had to run to Walmart for something... and I am already I did. I am hoping however that this still fits within budget.


I have been a bit slacking on house work. I did go through the front garden on Saturday and pulled out all the random trash that blew into our yard. And I pulled some plants out but right now our garbage system isn't accepting yard waste during the pandemic so I kind of just left the waste there beside the garden. 


I've been thinking a lot lately about living my genuine life... What sort of things do I like? What do I want to try? What would improve my life?

> I have been coming to the realization that I miss having an in person art community... Not necessarily art but just being surrounded by creative people...collaborating... I love collaborating.

> I feel happiest outside... I am intrigued by survival videos or the catch and cook videos. It would be nice to go exploring and work on my survival skills.

> I tend to not decorate my spaces and I tend to not connect with people well. I feel very disassociated from a lot of things now a days and I have for a few years. I think that I should start to customize things and putting effort into my environments. Make them more creative and more me. 


Anywho those are just my crazy Rookie ramblings for today :)


My goals for today:

- work on doggo painting

- try out vacuum on stairs

- do ankle exercises before bed




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12 hours ago, Rookie said:

Anywho those are just my crazy Rookie ramblings for today :)


Not crazy at all. :) I too miss having an in person art community (more for the writerly side of things but it'd be cool for the drawing/painting side too). I feel you on your third point also, I've been the same lately. How is the dog painting coming? 

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On 4/21/2020 at 10:19 PM, Jupiter said:


Not crazy at all. :) I too miss having an in person art community (more for the writerly side of things but it'd be cool for the drawing/painting side too). I feel you on your third point also, I've been the same lately. How is the dog painting coming? 

Yay for not alone but I wish other people didn't feel those things lol it can be lonely. Painting I haven't felt super motivated about. I fixed the background yesterday though and made some parts a bit darker a few days before. I think it's close.


7 hours ago, Waanie said:

Good idea to do the ankle exercises just before bed! I hope they will help you in your last recovery-stages :).

The most random things tire it out or make it sore. After vacuuming the stairs it kind of hurt so I decided not to do the exercises. Instead I did then this morning and again before bed. BF and I went for a drive today and it was on the longer side.. my foot was sore after. But I'm going the exercises help too

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Saturday to Sunday there was a mini 24hr GISH (Global international scavenger hunt). I participated with @J3NN and it was loads of fun. Some of the tasks I ended up doing were creating a pangolin out of toilet paper rolls, painting a close up of my BFs nostrils, Making a paperclip crown, participating in a zombie conference and making a "Wilson"... a quarantine friend. I definitely had a blast. My office is a disaster with a hot glue gun, paperclips, foam, random other crafting supplies. I am def not ready to go back to the work grind. It doesn't help that my head hurts. I went to bed with a headache and woke up with one. I think its because drinking water and eating healthy went BYYYYYE for the hunt. 


Which leads me to my next point.... I was starting to get back on track but slid off it again. I really need to refocus. My weight is just going to creep back up to what it was if I don't get myself in check. And I do not want that. 


I am going to put some thought into my next challenge and what sorts of tools and tasks I need in place to succeed. :) 


Oh and I will share some of my weekend fun of course.





My "quarantine friend" Shroomie. 20200426_133241.thumb.jpg.1f1cde008d4db129295a1d0b24adaa35.jpg


The dogs while I worked out how to take a picture with Shroomie lol "Mooooom what are you doing???" 


This one was "Re-create a famous painting using condiments on an edible surface... Then eat it!" lol I did Vincent Van Gogh's "Self Portrait" on a savoury blue pancake.



My Pangolin made out of TP rolls




Close up of my BFs nose lol. 



Paperclip crown :)




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30 minutes ago, analoggirl said:

Love your hairrrr!!! And yellow clothing. And creativity. :) The scavenger hunt sounds fun!

Not bad for cutting it myself right? LOL  And the fact it needed to be washed badly in that picture :P


Thanks it was a bunch of fun.

{Chase the wind and touch the sky; I will fly}


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