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It's all a matter of timing [Manarelle]


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13 hours ago, KB Girl said:

You look amazing! You both do! But I especially like your dress and the colour combo 🥰


and what a story you’ll have to tell to explain the masks when you look back on these 50 years from now ;) 


11 hours ago, Mad Hatter said:


Love the photos, the masks really add a certain something. 😂Crazy times indeed. I'm glad you got nice weather, it looks beautifully springy.


2 hours ago, DoubleTrouble said:

Hooray for the good weather! The masks 😂


Haha, the masks were a last-minute, night-before decision when I realized I did indeed have time and fabric to make it happen. :) The gentleman now refuses to part with his all-black mask, and I may have to make more for him. The white fabric was thinner, so I had to make it three layers, and it's a bit harder to breathe in; I'll probably keep using the regular ones that we now have a decent stockpile of. 

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Manarelle the Level 55 Amazon Assassin

Gryffindarling and Sith Acolyte, somehow.

Challenges: 1-1011-2021-3031-4041-50, 51-60, Current


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