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Progress & Habit Tracking Tools using Gamification

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I've got some resources to share that might be useful for some of you :) ...either for the Nerd Fitness challenges or just for your own projects etc.


In 2012 I was trying to get healthier, and started tracking how much exercise I was doing with a points system. So every rep of push-ups would be 1 point; every mile of cycling was 10 points etc. And simply tracking this and keeping an eye on the average (or total for the month) really motivated me to get active, to the point that when I discovered NF in 2014 I was already trying gymnastics and weightlifting.


At the same time I had a similar system - again just in a basic text file.txt 😛 for cutting down on my sugar intake from cookie monster levels to completely quitting sugar for a while.


Anyway, since then I've made the systems fancier, and set up spreadsheets that make progress bars, accumulate points, etc. and I've used these for completing projects, and for improving my life in many ways at the same time (I guess similar to what some of us do in the 5-week challenges).


60-progress-bars-624x413.jpg     70-daily-points.jpg


So since many of us here are thinking along the same lines, you might find these resources useful to you - so check them out here: Gamification for Motivation and Productivity.


You're welcome to use them for yourself - either privately or for your NF challenges - enjoy :)

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Level 25 Cyborg Assassin

[ STR 36.75 | DEX 26.00 | STA 28.00 | CON 31.25 | WIS 29.25 | CHA 24.50 ]

current 5-week challenge: March 2020

external websites with my resources for...

fitness & breathwork | mental math & mind sports | motivation & productivity

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