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Maintenance Calories High Protein - What would happen?

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Hello guys, this is my first post. I have a question that is really confusing me...


First of all, experts say you can't gain muscle and loss fat at the same time, only newbies, or you are catabolic or anabolic.


So, what would happen if a trained guy enters to:

1. Maintenance calories High Protein

2. Maintenance calories High Carbs


Would you get different results? The theory of maintenance says no muscle gain or fat loss, but, it's not supposed that protein and carbs have different effects in the body?

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The two are not mutually exclusive. 


Eg. 2,000kcal maintenance for a 150lb individual

150g of protein/day (high-ish intake) would be ~ 600kcal

essential fat intake could be somewhere around 0.3/g, or 45g, which would be ~400kcal

That still leaves 1,000kcal/day for carb intake, or 250g/day (5 cups of oatmeal, as an example)


Protein has a higher thermic effect (ie. energy needed to digest) than carbs, so if you eat 100kcal each of protein or carbs you will get slightly less energy from the protein than the carbs. You are most likely to see dramatic differences when you move to the extremes of either of these, eg. very low protein and/or zero carb; there is a huge range of 'acceptable' macro intake levels that are specific to the individual, and most folks will not notice the small differences unless they are deficient in their minimum required intake. Macronutrients are more than their caloric value.


But 'maintenance' isn't just about what you eat, it's also about your hormonal state (eg. stress management, sleep quality, preexisting conditions, genetic predisposition, etc.). And I will also add that maintaining weight and body fat percentage are two different things.


To gain muscle and lose fat at the same time, there is SOME evidence suggesting that a VERY high protein intake (3.3g+/kg of bodyweight) paired with a novel training program that includes progressive overload can result in short-term muscle gain and fat loss simultaneously.

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