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Sorry, Chesire knew better than to look for intersting times.


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Rincewind would have warned me about it.  So, new world, new goals.  I am a massage therapist.  Was?  I don't know yet.  We are in shutdown until May 4.  (proper for a rebel?)  That is a full challenge worth!  I don't think I'll go back to it.  Anyway, more interesting things to come. 


I don't have an organized plan just yet, but what I do know is:

  • I don't drink enough water at home.
  • I need to get the garden ready to do soon
  • I will come out of this stronger
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  • Chesire changed the title to Sorry, Chesire knew better than to look for intersting times.

I don't think I'll have too much issue with staying home, as long as I can still go for walks.  And apparently I've taken up running again?!   I had an awesome vidchat with the major players of my social circle last night, and it made me realize I'm very happy that I'm not a huge social butterfly and kind of a homebody.  My poor friend is not.  She is already struggling.  We'll figure something out for her to get through.


Interesting challenge begins:






I never drink enough water at home.  Work was always no problem; I probably used water time as break time and I don't need breaks at home.

So, I will have 64ish oz water/day.  One fill of my water bottle is about half of that.  Easy enough to figure out. Now drink it.







There is no reason I can't pump up the jam on fitness.  Oh, no! I might be sore, or tired. /s   It won't interfere with anything if I need a nap. 


Possibly more importantly, it will help me sleep.  I suspect this could become an issue if I don't address it immediately- proven by my 4:15am wake up today; usuallly I'm a 7am kind of person.


Therefore I will be doing doubling down on strength training.  3 sessions/week, with room to build to 4 if body agrees.  Do more in one session.  Back can't take any more?  Do arms or core.  Figure it out.

I have signed up for a virtual road race in April.  I haven't run in more  than a year.  I think I will do this one as a 5K, and sign up for another and try for 10K.  Why not?





I can actually loosen up on specific food requirements!  I can eat things without worrying about breathing onion breath on clients!


Stick to the nutritional requirements I previously set, including allowances for one treat breakfast, lunch, and dinner per week.  I do need to double down on minimizing shopping trips.  Planning skills engage.


Filling my time productively!


The siren call of the internet and mindless/stress scrolling is powerful.  Barring checking in on my nerds, I will try to limit internet time.  Crafting projects, learning sewing machine repair, gardening, the deep cleaning and organizing I've been ignoring, house repair, etc.  Make the time.

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After a day of garden bed building, dog walking, Scrabble playing and losing (!), crocheting,  I realized days can be really long when you don't work or have a major project and they may blend into sameness.  I needed to draft allowances for this challenge because by about the third week I might be having some rough days, with some inspiration from @Jupiter's 10%-100% plan. 


Rough day plan:

Water:  Just don't forget it.  Aim for at least one bottle (1/2 the goal.) 

Fitness:  At least a walk

Food:  One healthy meal, beyond that don't be hard on myself

Productivity might be irritating these days.  Escapism is fine.

Alcohol!  I've tipped toed on the edge with alcohol before.  Be conscious and honest about how much.  Is it a want or escape?  Talk to MrC for help if needed.

Talk to, not text, a friend.

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On 3/28/2020 at 8:09 AM, Chesire said:

I needed to draft allowances for this challenge because by about the third week I might be having some rough days, with some inspiration from @Jupiter's 10%-100% plan. 


I think this is really important! Good on you for putting it in :) 

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4 hours ago, Chesire said:

Of course the spam email started up for covid 19, but I saw a subject line that made me actually laugh.  "The Sneeze of Death."  LIke a really bad horror movie


LOL well at least they're entertaining. 

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Doing pretty well so far.  Strength training is progressing.  Walking always good but more so now that dog playgroup is closed and missy needs exercise.  Add running twice per week, so far.  And as was my goal for all that, sleep is pretty good.    Also joined the daily dare for a change of pace.


Food still going well.  Not as exacting as I have been, but that's ok.  I haven't tracked, but I'm ok with that for now.  Eating my veg and limiting snacking, mostly because I've run out and not venturing to the store until I need important things. 


Productivity is lacking.  Focus is still minimal.  But I've been stepping away from the computer earlier each day, stress scrolling is reducing.  Unfortunately the siren call of the interwebs is very powerful and I keep returning to it, though for shorter intervals.  But interesting times have unexpected effects.  I'm putting in the effort and it will change, eventually.  Right?


Today I will finish homemade masks for my pregnant friend.  She is still working and if it makes her feel a bit better, or reduces face touching, I'm all for it.  We know they aren't as protective, but something is better than nothing; even if the something is only a reminder to not touch your face. 


I intend to start, maybe finish, a crochet bear.  My area is doing a Bear Hunt for kids (put a stuffed bear/animal in a window for kids to spot, but I don't have an animal to put out).  Super cute.  I don't have kids but am all in for this. 

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We did the major grocery trip and hopefully won't need to go for anything for at least 3 weeks. 


Fitness continues well.  I hope we don't end up in full lock down for the dog's sake.  She just doesn't do well without a walk.


Some seeds started and some in garden- yay peas!


Mood still pretty good.  MrC was hit by the stress a few days ago, but as I'd already processed mine I was able to help him.



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Apparently this challenge I was terrible at doing actual check-ins on my main page.  I did mental check-ins for it frequently, I promise!  And I did maintain the PVP Daily Dare challenge. 


Unsurprisingly, this was a weird super long/super quick 5 weeks.  Turns out Stay at Home doesn't change my life all that much as long as I can still go out to my small backyard, go for dog walks, and use video chat to see people.  That last one is not quite the same, but pretty darn good all the same.  I only had one or two bad days- rainy days- and wasn't bored.  The strain of not seeing people is starting now, but we'll see how life progresses. 


The challenge in review:

Not too shabby.  I wasn't completely dedicated officially tracking, and I don't really care that I didn't. 


I almost drank enough water most days. 


I didn't have too many crappy food days.  I had almost enough vegetables daily.  Learning how to eat at home where my schedule is much looser and I seem to actually eat less. (Suppose that means I should do a few days/weeks of tracking to see where I'm really at now with .... accidental Intuitive Eating.  Is that a thing?)


Fitness happened but not entirely per the plan I had established.  Started the Darebee Hero's Journey so someone would tell me what to do and I don't need to think.  Did start running again.  35 min/5K seems to be my current pace.  Sleep happened!


Productivity erratic but ok.  I finished the major project I wanted to this time.  I didn't do the things I thought I would, but I did things.  Still spent too much time on the internet, though it is coming back to normal amounts.  Garden has green things coming up.  Some dog training happened erratically.  House is not much cleaner, but also not worse. 


I'm satisfied with this one since the world was new and I had no idea how I'd handle it.  Basically I learned that plans and stress do not mix well for me.  Things will get done but not as anticipated.  Roll with it.




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9 minutes ago, Chesire said:

I had a different list specific to quarantine challenges on my character page with the vague idea that it coincided with this challenge.  On that list was teaching the dog a new trick.  yeah, she got it down today.  I'm taking it as good!



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