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DailyDare - NerdFitness edition locked to disable aurmto post script

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Hey everyone, sad to say it, but I'm dropping out.
The daily dares are a fun idea and it's cool to do exercises with all of you fine people, but it interferes too much with my normal workouts.
I've not been able to run since the stupid high knees, and trying to get through the leg raises today after a workout which already had several exercises which train my core, I just realized that this is detrimental to my workout plans.

You might say, "just scale it down, or don't try to go for extra credit every time" which is probably true, but that is not who I am - I am a competitive perfectionist, who when it says do "40 in a row" is damn well going to try.

Hope you all have fun with the rest of the challenge and stay safe and sane during the health crisis.

-Aslan out

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I already am the lion, so I don't need to roar!

Aslan's Respawn/Qarantine Challenge

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