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Erynsûl "Eryn" Luicarnë: Half-Elven Adventurer

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Greetings, fellow adventurers! My name is Erynsûl Luicarnë, though you may call me "Eryn" for short. My true name is known only to those closest to me — for I am a rogue — but this is the name I use while conducting most of my business. 😉

By day, I am a student at a prestigious academy of healing magic, perusing through tomes and learning about diseases and their remedies. When I am not studying, I enjoy increasing my strength and dexterity stats, studying the languages spoken in far-off realms, and learning new tunes I hope to one day play at a tavern near you.


Never one to accept stagnation, I feel that there is always something I can improve upon — that there are always stats I can increase to make myself a more balanced hero. And my purpose in joining the Rebellion is to seek like-minded adventurers and help each other fulfill our destinies!


As I am only in my 20’s (which is very young for a half-elf), I do not yet know where my chosen path will ultimately take me. My dream, however, is to gain the renowned knowledge and craftsmanship skills of my elven ancestors — as well as the ambition and compassion of my fellow humans — to bring positive change to my community.


Here is my tentative list of Epic Quests:



Screenshot (92).png

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