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How do you run with asthma?

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I have asthma. It makes it really hard to run even semi-competitively. Which is why I love running. I like competing.


My usual approach to running has two methods. Race mode and mileage mode. Race mode throws any care about breathing to the wind, but I can't do that often because running a 5k like that puts my lungs out for a few days and it takes so much concentration. Mileage mode is just really slow, with a heavy focus on keeping my breathing steady and easy.


For those of you that have asthma, how do you handle it? What makes it easier?

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Take up fencing...that's what my daughter did. :) OK ....not helpful....or maybe it is. Fencing is very competitive but you face your opponent while jabbing at them,
as opposed to running side by side, which bizarrely, seems to make fencing more sociable. Fencing happens in small bouts and is done inside (less pollen and mold). Fencing is also very nerdy.

Running was miserable for my daughter but she's loving fencing...except for the bruises.


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