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I'll try again :)

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Hi there!


I have been a long-time lurker. I have started a bit, quickly stopped again. A few years back I went all-out and got in really good shape. Lost 25 kgs, had great stamina and strength. I was religious about my eating and training for 5 months. Then I had a week of partying. Then I didn’t get to the gym the week after that. Then I just stopped and went back to my old habbits.

2 years later I am back at square one. And I just don’t want to do what I did back then. I am not going to go all religious on my diet and training. My way of life right now cannot sustain that.


So this time I try to do what is recommended. Small steps, small attainable goals. 

So for the challenge staring 2nd of may I have some very small health, fitness and house-related goals. All part of a much bigger long-term picture.


Here goes:


  1. Drink water every day. Don’t drink alcohol alone.

  2. Cook for myself the majority of the week. Cook healthy (ie. veggies and meat, no bread, pasta etc.)

  3. Walk 2 times a week. Any length is a win! Do push-ups every day. Any number of reps is a win! They may be on my knees (I cannot do a single full push-up right know. That’s sort of embarrassing…)

  4. Get the outside windows fixed. Mow the lawn once a week.

  5. Do the water series yoga minimum once. Just get started.


Pumped to get my health back on track. Good luck to everyone with their challenges!





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Welcome Emil! Don't be embarrassed to own where you are! I can't do a knee push up yet, but I will. Because I'm the woman that works on her pushups! It's an identity thing. You are the person who is getting their health on track!
Can I ask you a question? I'd like to know more about your #2 quest. How big of a change is that going to be for you? Your other quests seem nice and manageable, but that one seems bigger and more unwieldy. I'm still just rebooting myself, but maybe you should look at the nutrition levels and see where you're currently at, and make a nice small, easily trackable change.

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Hey Emil. I like the goals you've set for yourself.


Cooking can be a whole lifestyle if you let it be, but it can also be a little overwhelming to get into (not sure from your OP whether you already cook a lot). Do you have any benchmarks for what cooking for yourself "enough" will look like?


Following your thread, looking forward to see how you get those goals done.

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My respawning is going very well, thank you. Loads of water, decent food and excercise. And the windows are done :)


Admittedly I forgot about this post - I have been spending a LOT of time on the prime discord :D 


How are your respawn going @Neeko?

My journal can be viewed here. Challenges here 1

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Mine is actually going pretty well. My dailies are getting done. Which shows a huge improvement to my mental health. Do you like the discord? I joined it, but I'm in a couple Ark groups that are annoying so the app is muted so I forget about it. 

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