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Today ended up being about 0.5 points better than yesterday (scale from 1-10.) I did end up getting carry out for dinner, but I also did a harder workout than I have for the past couple of weeks and got the dishes to almost done.


Sanity inducing goals for tomorrow are:

1. No carry out (or chicken nuggets that I’m supposed to be keeping around for the occasional five year old guest)

2. Get in a light workout

3. Finish the dishes

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18 hours ago, delalana said:

Sanity inducing goals


Can you think of anything that would help with the stress? I don't have a suggestion. I guess getting some energy flowing and having a clean living space both help.

Anything fun planned for the weekend? I'm not sure if you are still on lock-down or semi-lock-down like many of us. One challenge is to try to find some way to make the days have some variety.

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Sometime early to mid afternoon on Friday I got back to a normal emotional state and have been hanging out there since. I’m extraordinarily tired today, but I’m guessing that’s my body finally letting go of tension and will dissipate as time passes.


On 6/5/2020 at 4:59 PM, Xena said:

Can you think of anything that would help with the stress?

Exercise was actually helping pretty well for a while. But there were so many background and accuse stressors over the past month that I think it got to be too much for that outlet to handle.


I should probably start focusing again on getting to sleep on time. Sleep has a huge effect on my mental health and stability, but staying up late is one of my reactive responses to strongly emotional events, which just leads into a downward spiral.


In other news, the state is opening up more on Wednesday, including opening restaurants, gyms, and swimming pools to 50% capacity. I’m not planning on rushing back into a social life for a variety of reasons, but I figure if I keep things to periodic haircuts and swimming at the local pool a couple of times per week I’ll be pretty safe. Depending on how popular the “entertainment” pool next to my lap pool is this summer, I may even be able to start swimming in the afternoon instead of at 6am (morning person I am not.)


Things are getting better. And I’m stopping this now because my words are ceasing to make sense even to me. As I said, I need to sleep. :)

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Weighed in on the scale today. I’m not going to focus on the exact number too much as I’ve had other things on my mind the past couple weeks. As far as consistency of measurements, today wasn’t quite as close as last week, but still not terrible. Four measurements were within a 0.2 lb range, with a fifth measurement being 0.2 lbs above that range.


Food consumption has been getting better over the past few days, even if I haven’t fully stayed under my calorie goal. I’m hoping today will be the day I get back to fully tracking and staying under.


On 6/6/2020 at 7:23 PM, Xena said:

I'm sure you know this, but tons of people are struggling with stress-related sleep issues these days.

I’ve been getting some of this, but there are also nights when I probably could get to sleep but just stay up doing something because I get distracted or don’t want to go to bed. I’m trying to at least cut down on the latter so I have fewer days where I’m in a bad mood and having trouble focusing on work.


In amusing news, I chopped up a bulb of garlic Sunday night and can still smell it on my hands. Apparently, the delicious smell of my favorite pizza is really just the smell of garlic and nothing else.

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The first zoom belly dancing class just finished. It wasn’t terrible, but choreography is hard to follow on a tiny computer monitor so it was a lot of quick memorization and repetition of short sequences. It’s better than not having anything, though. My calves seem to be fine with the hour and a half of work, which is a relief as I really haven’t been working them all that much for the past few weeks.


I got an email this afternoon that my pool is opening June 27 for members only. I am a member so this even better than I’d hoped for in terms of me getting to swim without tons of people around. The email didn’t have any details, so I still don’t know what time I’ll end up swimming or exactly what precautions they’re taking.


Exercise has been going fine since yesterday and I was pretty close to staying under my calorie goal yesterday. Today I’ve got a big chunk of calories leftover with only dessert left to go for the day, so staying under should be no problem.

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