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Chesire's Hero's Journey to a wedding

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How was it that the last challenge went by so very fast and this one just dragged on and on?  Time has no meaning right now.  


Quick recap:  The big things were good for this one.  Dress, pull-up, fitness plan, good 6K time.  The other stuff wasn't bad, but there is room for awareness.  I have such trouble meal planning when I'm home.  Alcohol awareness was ok, water also ok-ish.   Generally I'm satisfied since I was mostly hoping  to simply get through this with the world (or at least the USA) just freaking out. 


Time to consider my next steps.  Onward!

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The recipe-zoom was fun, even if "sharing" recipes was a challenge!  All of us are used to dining together regularly so even if I didn't have couple1's recipe I was able to discern what the review meant and how to apply it to mine, and that couple2's recipe might actually a good to blend with mine a bit.  And all of us making the same cocktails for our pre-dinner cocktail zoom was fun too.

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