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I'm awake!


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again I find myself very Busy!


so I wish you all a TGIF type of friday


I'm feeling good these days!  I'm sketching (just about every day) and after the convo with Kestrel the other day


It made me Very curious to see what I COULD do - my fastest pace- in about a 1 hour run


my start was ambitious, I pushed hard in the middle and I finished 110% at the end.  my 'Race' pace is 9:44min*mile and absolutely not a bit faster!


you might remember me saying that I don't push distance and pace at the same time.

well, yesterday at least was an exception. 


Sooooo, I don't think I'll do that again until AFTER my marathon.


for one my Heart rate was horrible. I had something like 15minutes above 174; which the way my watch figures it is beyond zone 5! 


so let the guessing end! I'm NOT getting BQ certified on my n00b marathon ;)



at any rate. I see we are close to the end of our challenge.  this one has been interesting.  Sketching I think will remain a thing; I intend to give it time and a consistent effort.


other than that;  by the time a new challenge starts and ends- we should be very very close to my marathon.

:nerves on that one!




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the "NEW" normal is good with me! as Life was Never really Normal anyways....


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That is awesome - There is a lot of mental toughness that goes into a 10K time trial.  I am afraid I would mentally quit 30 minutes in, but I think your murphy training helped out too.  If you can tough through Murphy, you can tough through a marathon! 


I think your watch could probably have its zones updated.  If you can hold 174 for 20 minutes then it is around your zone 4/5 transition, assuming your watch uses the 5 zone scale with your max HR being the top of zone 5.  Many people seem to need to adjust the default.


I am glad you are keeping on sketching, it's nice to see them and your artistic discussions about them.


(Maybe we can wait until your next marathon to try and BQ ;) )

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busy weekend!

the challenge is over? 


ugh! time goes by so fast.


my Long run this weekend mirrored the rest of the week, I think, and it was rather intense.


I might have overdone it a little on Hills!  I sought out a challenging course going up a high hill then running down it and going up the same hill on a slightly different road.

and that is in addition to the fact that it was a 17mile (27km) run.


so basically after saturday night I was heavily fatigued and since that night's sleep was a little short.


I've been dragging a little.


even today! the plan was a short morning run but the body said "No Way" when the morning alarm went off and I listened.


anyways. yes. I will start up a new challenge here in a bit.


like always we pretty much are sticking to the same ideas; more sleeping, more running, a little sketching, trying to be good to myself mentally, and Always and forever - adapting to the difficulty of the day; the things got wrong, the problems I didn't anticipate, the moments were I was too tired to stop a problem and then to have to fix that problem Later when it much harder to fix....


and this and more


so It'll possible be quite the tale to read!  or If I'm rushed; it might be really HARD to read but if you guys would give it a try, I'd much appreciate it....

I'll try to do the same. Jason


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the "NEW" normal is good with me! as Life was Never really Normal anyways....


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