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48 minutes ago, Ann of Vries said:


Does she still nap? Our conclusion has been that Enting is in dropping his nap transition. If he naps, he’ll be up late (13 hours + nap length from wake-up). If he doesn’t nap, he’s usually down approx 13 hours after wake up. We don’t force it one way or another and it switches every 2-3 days (naps 2-3 days, doesn’t nap 2-3 days), but it’s helped us learn what to expect.

She does still nap. The days she doesn’t are awful. She gets overtired and it’s even harder to get her to sleep. Summer day’s have always been difficult for our family’s sleep patterns though. Just gets worse when one is a tiny human still going through sleep developmental changes. 

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On 6/10/2020 at 1:04 PM, Sciread77 said:

Yeah, there is an upper age limit for starting that particular kind of career, as well as forced retirement. You can technically get some extra time by being a veteran (I’m not) or already working for them in a different capacity (I don’t, and we couldn’t financially swing one of the other entry level jobs). Which leaves me where I am today.

I see. Sorry. I hope you'll still be able to find something close to this type of job.

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