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Alright, I'm in for this 5 week challenge. Not sure if I'm doing all of this right, so feel free to give me feedback 'n' stuff. 

Main Quest: Lose 50 pounds so that I can move faster and more efficiently.


Side Quests:


1) I will track my macros (as given to me by my amazing dietitian) on Cronometer every day for five weeks. I will plan meals out the night before. 

2) I will work out for 30 minutes at least five days a week (I do CrossFitty things, weightlifting, walking, and yoga).

3) I will take time for self care (in the form of reading for relaxation, meditating, writing) at least 60 minutes every day. 

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Hi I love your self-care goal. I feel like this is something that gets left out a lot and it's so important! Good luck in the challenge. 

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I know it's still early in the first official week of the challenge, but I'd love to know how things have started out. Any updates yet?

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