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12 hours ago, Snickie said:

*cries in Solid Mechanics*


I didn't cry this much this early in Thermo. Solids is supposed to be Statics part 2. I did flawlessly in Statics. Why is this so hard?????

Definitely don't ask me, I very nearly failed my condensed matter course. My mentor was not pleased, it was his subject. 😂Incidentally, he didn't give a shit about the fact that I did in fact fail my particle physics exam in the same period... (Which was dumb anyway, I only failed because my handwriting is too crap to do tensor algebra by hand 😛)

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The course I did the worst in was matrix algebra, but that was mostly because I was spending too much time on extracurriculars instead of studying. The class I hated was flight controls.


This professor decided all the books on the topic were junk, so he taught the class without a book. It involved him giving most of the lectures facing the blackboard, because he was writing equations that were longer than the blackboard was. And most things involved minimum 3 of those! If you didn't copy it correctly, you were screwed, because there was no book to check with. So you had to be furiously scribbling down monster equations while simultaneously trying to follow his explanations of what they meant and were used for. And the way he explained things did not make much sense to me.


After fluncking most of the homework assignments before the first exam, I went to his office hours for help. Instead of helping me, asshole told me that if I was struggling with his class I wasn't cut out to be an engineer!  Somehow struggling through the homework made me understand things enough to do ok on the exams, so I passed his class. First C I was ever excited about! The large amount of spite involved probably made it better. 🙂

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Undergrad: the worst was Organic Chemistry. Neither the professor, the book, or the teaching assistant could explain it in a way that made sense. After the curve, I think something like a 30% was a passing grade.


Veterinary school: equine musculoskeletal pathophysiology was awful. The material taught in class and the questions on the exam weren't even remotely related. If you weren't a horse person already (hint: I am not) knowing half the colloquial terms for the conditions was just about impossible. Heavy curve there, too.

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8 hours ago, Elennare said:

This professor decided all the books on the topic were junk, so he taught the class without a book.

Hah it reminds me of my thermodynamics prof who decided that thermodynamics makes more sense in vector space! He was brilliant though. He wrote a Greek style philosophical dialog to justify why he taught us in a way that literally nobody else in the world does.

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20 minutes ago, Snickie said:

*paces anxiously, waiting for the next 5 week challenge to be posted*

It will be today, but probably later in the day than it has been the last few challenges. 

Current Challenge

"By the Most-Righteous-and-Blessed Beard of Sir Tanktimus the Encourager!" - Jarl Rurik Harrgath

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