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Tobbe kills zombies

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Tobbe kills zombies






I liked my list of things to do from my last challenge, so I'm going to reuse a lot of it. But also throwing in some new fun things 🙂

Been seeing a lot of ads for calisthenics, handstands, splits, etc lately. Almost bought a handstand program. But then I remembered I have already bought the NerdFitness Rings&Handstands program, but never done anything with it 😕 So, this challenge I want to get started with that. 🤸‍♂️ But I have a workout space issue. Our house is a mess, because of ongoing renovations, so there is currently no place for me to even kick up in to a handstand safely. During this challenge I will adress this by finishing flooring dining room and living room. 🔨


During my last challenge I did the JavaScript 30 course. It was fun, I learned a few things, and it boosted my ego/made me mentally feel good.

I'm going to try to recreate that success by doing Flexbox Zombies hence the challenge title, and the image up top 🏹


I really enjoyed the outdoorsy things I did last challenge, the (almost) daily walks, the sleeping outside, the swimming in the lake. So expect to see more of that this challenge too.


Inspired by Mrs Moneybags' coins collecting, I, too, want to do some kind of similar reward thing. We'll see what I come up with 💰 

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16 hours ago, Scalyfreak said:

Here for the zombie slaying!


Happy to have you, as always


4 hours ago, Terah said:

LOL, I'm glad I inspired someone :D 


Now I just have to figure out how to best assign value to my goals, i.e. what tasks to split them up into and how much I should earn for completing each task.

But, of course, before I can do that I need to define actual goals. But that's what zero week is for, right? :) 

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Just looked in to Flexbox Zombies a bit more


The course is divided into 12 "chapters", and each chapter has between 8 and 25 levels to complete. I'd say a fair average would be 20, so approximately 160 levels to complete. Five weeks means 32 levels every week. Or almost 5 levels per day. That's going to be tough!  😰


I'm thinking 10 SEK per chapter completed. (10 SEK is approximately $1/€1)

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I'll also do 10 SEK per night spent sleeping outside, and 10 SEK per time I go swimming in a lake or ocean.


And, to make sure I keep up with it on a more regular basis I'm going to deduct 50 SEK every week I haven't done at least one of the above. (So as long as I spend one night outside OR go swimming in a given week I'm not taking any money away)

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1 hour ago, Tobbe said:

The course is divided into 12 "chapters", and each chapter has between 8 and 25 levels to complete. I'd say a fair average would be 20, so approximately 160 levels to complete. Five weeks means 32 levels every week. Or almost 5 levels per day. That's going to be tough!  😰


Do you have to do all chapters this challenge? Or can you do six this period and the other six chapters next challenge?

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2 hours ago, Scalyfreak said:

Do you have to do all chapters this challenge? Or can you do six this period and the other six chapters next challenge?


I don't think I'll set a definite goal. With my scoring system in place for this challenge I figured I'll just go for the more the better. But I really want to finish it, it's fun learning new things!


I hope the scores (money) for finishing a chapter will be enough of an incentive to keep working towards finishing the course, while at the same time being flexible enough to let me skip some days, and working a bit more other days. Maybe I'll throw in a bonus for finishing it as well, for a bit of extra incentive to work faster and more focused on it.

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10 SEK earned, and the 50 SEK penalty is avoided for this week 


It looks so nice on the photo, but I can promise you it was freezing cold! 🥶 As soon as I got out of the water I quickly warmed up again. Actually almost felt warmer afterwards than before swimming. 

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I mentioned in my first post I had a workout space issue.


This is our dining room 




Living room









As you can see the floor is only halfway there in the living room and dining room. And in the kitchen we had water damage, so need to replace the floor there as well. This means that while we obviously can't fully use those rooms, we also had to put all the furniture that should go in those rooms in to all our other rooms, so those are barely usable either 😆


So yes, technically I do have open floor space to use, mostly in the living room. But I do risk falling down in to the basement since there's only floor in half the room. And what I really need to do the handstand stuff is floor space plus wall space, and that's just not available right now 😃


The kitchen has temporary flooring in place already (that photo was taken two days ago), so we can at least walk there now, but the kitchen table and some of the chairs are still spread out throughout the rest of the house wherever we could fit them... Since it's because of water damage, our insurance will party cover that, and we have people coming over to do the repairs. My focus will instead be on finishing flooring in the living room and dining room. I have about 10 + 13 floor planks left to do in those two rooms. The problem is that the rafters I'm laying the floor on aren't level, so I have to fix that first. Some need to be lowered, and some need to have extra material put on top, to raise them up a bit. All in all thus far I've been spending about an hour per floor plank on average. But I think I can do the remaining planks faster than that. Anyway... I'll reward myself with 5 SEK per plank. And to make sure I keep the momentum going I want to do a little bit every day. Even if it's just five minutes, I want to do *something*. To that end I'll "fine" myself 50 SEK if I don't at least work at it five days every week (starting next week, week 1 of the challenge).

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Still need to decide/figure out what to do for my fitness goals this challenge. I wanted to make the handstand stuff the main thing, but realistically that is going to have to wait until the floor situation has improved. I also still want to work on my flexy stuff that I started last challenge. And I do like my walks, and want to continue with the Daily Dares


I'll give myself 5 SEK for every 20 minutes I walk (or bike) in a day. So if I walk 10+10+10 minutes I'll get 5 SEK, if I walk 15 minutes and bike 25 minutes I get 10 SEK, etc


The Daily Dares I'll run separately in their own thread.


I'll think more on the rest of the things

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Ok, so there was one more thing that the whole flooring business involved that I forgot to mention. Insulation. So I just spent 20 minutes working on that, so that everything is prepared for the next floor plank. All the million small things like these are the reason the flooring is taking forever...

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Walk 14 minutes to the lake, quick swim in the water, walk 16 minutes home again (mostly uphill, that's why it took longer).




Once home again I made a big bowl of oatmeal for breakfast to warm me up :)  

Great start to the day


Swim: 10 SEK

Walk 30 min: 5 SEK

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3 floor planks done tonight = 15 SEK  Doesn't sound like much, but every plank really does make a difference. They're 4.70 m long and 15.5 cm wide, so each plank means an extra 0.73 sq m floor done (7.8 sq ft). Realized I need to add two more nogs between the floor joists before I can do any more floor planks. So that's what I'm doing tomorrow!

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This is where I went to bed yesterday. 10 SEK for sleeping outdoors.

I love sleeping out in the fresh air. It's like 6 hours of sleep outdoors equals 8 hours indoors when it comes to how well-rested I feel afterwards. 

6 C/43 F when I went to sleep and 4 C/39 F when I woke up. It was just perfect :) 

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Did my first ever side crow pose yesterday. Made me so happy 😃 What a fun pose 🙂 Had to do it today again, with my camera set up this time




Feels like I'm flying ✈️


(The plan is to add some more floor planks tomorrow so I can practice a bit more safely. I did more prep work today, but no new floor planks)

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Flooring work all day today. Realized the joists weren't level under a few of the floor planks I had already screwed to the floor, so had to remove them, fix the joists, and then put them back in place again... After that I spent like 6 hours getting the rest of the joists level for future planks. At the end of the day I got two more planks down. 💰 10 SEK earned. Except for changing oil in the lawn mower, and for cooking a quick lunch I spent from 11 am to 10 pm working on the floor.




Ohh, and someone on the NF discord dared me to do a hand stand on the floor joists, so I did spend some time setting up a photo for that 😛 




Just now I got back in from a half hour walk 🚶‍♂️, where I also did today's Daily Dare, which was 2 min of butt kicks. 5 SEK for the walk.

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Floor is done in the living room! Worked pretty much all day today as well. Now I'm exhausted. Sat down in the couch at 8:30 and just fell asleep. My wife came and woke me up at 9:15 after putting our baby girl to bed. Resting during the weekend to get new energy for the work week ahead? Not so much...

7 floor planks, 35 SEK


20 minute walk, 5 SEK

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Zero week is running out and I still haven't defined all the goals I want...


I'm going to get back to @Mad Hatter's flexy program again. Last challenge I only did the warm up part. This challenge I'm going to go for the full workout. Every time I complete the warm-up I'll earn 1 SEK, and every time I do the full workout I'll earn 10 SEK


I got much further than I expected with the flooring work this week, so it looks like I'll actually have space to also do the NF Handstand program. I'll add this on to the hip flex program. The NF Handstand program is specifically made to be added to any other workout routine, so it's generally just two or three exercises for a few sets to add to what you're already doing. For example, level 11 (out of 20) is
Pike Feet Up, 4 x 10 seconds - 30" box
Crow pose, 4 x 20 seconds
Wall Walk, 4 x 1 (hands stopping one foot from the wall)


I'll reward myself 5 SEK every time I complete a Handstand workout


That's it for fitness goals this challenge.


A final goal I want to add is to more regularly post progress updates here on the forums. I'm always doing great with posting updates at the start of every challenge, but by week four I usually start missing days :(  So this time I'm making it an official goal to post every day. Every day I post an update I'll earn 1 SEK. Every week I don't post updates at least 5 days out of the week I'll lose 50 SEK.



So, with the above, this is what I want to focus on the coming five weeks


🏹 Flexbox Zombies. 10 SEK per chapter completed (there are 12 chapters)

🤸‍♂️ NF Handstands. 5 SEK per workout

🐴 MadHatter's Routine. 1 SEK for warm-up, 10 SEK for full routine (Why a horse emoji? The last exercise in the routine is "Horse Stance")

📝 Post update to this thread. 1 SEK per day. -50 SEK if I do less than 5 updates in a week

🔨 Flooring. 5 SEK per plank. -50 SEK if I don't work towards flooring at least 5 days in a week.

Outdoorsy things. 10 SEK for sleeping outdoors. 10 SEK for going for a swim. -50 SEK if I do neither in a week
🚶‍♂️ Walking. 5 SEK for every 20 minutes I walk

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💰 Summary Zero Week


🏹 0

🤸‍♂️ 0

🐴 0

📝 6 x 1 = 6 SEK

🔨 12 x 5 = 60 SEK 

 2 x swim + 1 x sleep = 30 SEK
🚶‍♂️ 30 min + 40 min + 30 min + 20 min = 25 SEK



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11 minutes ago, Mad Hatter said:

Hi! What will you do with the reward money you'll collect? :) 




I actually haven't decided. And depending on how much I collect, and what I end up deciding I'm getting actually costs it might have to be a multi-challenge thing. But a couple of things I'm considering are a pair of truly wireless earbuds or a gymnastic rings setup. I actually found a pair of earbuds I was going to buy, but then I forgot, and when I checked again the price had gone up 20%. But if I do good with my goals I might treat myself anyway 🔈 Another thing I want to buy is a wetsuit so I can go kitesurfing. But TBH I'll probably buy that no matter what, and probably before this challenge is over.

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