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Starpuck Persists Gloriously

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1 hour ago, Starpuck said:

The weight loss and the muscles I've built have super deflated the girls.   Any tips out there from fellow ladies?

I don't think muscle gain will deflate so much as conceal. Weight loss though... if that is how your body reacts, I'm not sure there's much you can do. You can't control where the fat loss will come from. Maybe if you have a bra fitting, you can get something that fits better and supports/flatters where you are now? I have to use more than one bra size just to get through a normal month, and then a few more to deal with any weight loss/gain. Silly expensive persnickety body parts.

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🤔 I think I know what you mean by 'deflating' but it's kind of sad to call what they did, that :D


it's probably why a lot of fitness girls get implants (I think). You cannot have awesome muscle definition and your full squishiness only where you want it to be haha.  


Just give 'em some love! Look at your new body and enjoy what it can do. They will be right there waiting for you to fill right back up when you decide to indulge again haha


Anyway, what juliebarkley said about things you can do besides embracing body (image) and not giving a damn because you are awesomeeee!

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