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Unexpected Quarterish Life Changes

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Hello Fellow Nerdlings,


I am new to the forum, graciously introduced to it by @Novaurora, a real life hero of mine. She told me it's a safe, fun place to get help and support for various things fitness and otherwise and I look forward to it.


I recently within the last two years have had what you might call a "Series of Unfortunate Events" including but not limited to a contentious divorce from a terrible marriage, being forced to give up the best job I'd had as a 911 dispatcher, putting all my belongings into storage then moving 1700 miles back close to family in 3ish days with a dog and a cat to an uncertain future.


Needless to say, in the midst of all this I have lost my way in a few things, such as mental and physical health. My family and I are working hard to make a plan and get me back on the right path, but there's no such thing as too much support. I've gotten everything back to the basics and am even using an old school chart with stickers (you heard me right, stickers), and not just any stickers...no they are smiley face food and cacti with sunglasses. (No plain gold stars for this former teacher). The reason behind the chart is to allow me to identify things that are within my control that I can accomplish and to identify the accomplishments.




I've worked several high stress jobs and have used exercise as a good method of blowing off steam or focusing on something outside the "horrors" of my profession. I am starting slow again, having just accomplished my first Marathon in 2018...finding that I struggle to run 2 miles was a huge hit to my confidence.


My main goal in all of this is to get back the healthy habits I've lost and return to exercise without if feeling like an insurmountable task in my day.

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Hi Saradactyl! I love your name 🙂


Novaurora has told you right. This is a very safe place with lots of supportive people. The sticker chart is a great idea. Lots of people here do some version of it. I would have probably picked something with cats and/or glitter, but I respect your choices 🙂


I would love to cheer you on with your running for sure. You're very welcome to hang out in the Scouts forum if you like. This is a general chat area for our group:


But don't get too hung up on the different groups (Scouts, Rangers, etc). Anywhere you want to visit is open to you, and you can move around as much as you want.


Yeah running...the fitness is so hard won and so easily lost sometimes. But you know struggling through the miles is all part of it. And even when I'm in relatively good shape, they often still feel pretty hard, so don't worry about that too much. Are you getting out on the road regularly now, or still trying to rebuild the habit?


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