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Should I see a doctor?

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I'm debating talking to a doctor of some sorts, I don't have insurance as of now, but am on the fence to see if I should and if I do what to ask about. Here's my story...


I am a pretty active 30 year old male. I have almost totally given up on driving and now cycle everywhere, around 150 miles a week. I work 40 hrs a week doing maintenance at a large facility. I tend to rest more on the weekends but on one of the days I usually do something active. I've been reading more about diet, but have spent most of my life eating like a child on free reign . I started eating fruits around mid twenties and still dont eat alot of vegetables other than onions,garlic,potatoes,cilantro but I have started eating a small handful of kale or spinach in the morning in my smoothies.


The problem is that my muscles, especially my legs, always feel like their mildly constricted, except when I'm doing light exercise. And I always feel sore and never fully well rested like when I was in high school.


I've always been really active, but I wonder if my diet has damaged something and im starting to experience that. Maybe I deficient in vitamins, or prediabetic, or whatever??? I'm don't know. Should I get a blood test? Thoughts?




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Do you take magnesium? I think thats for like muscle soreness and stuff. I also have that problem sometimes, when I am out walking casually its ok, but if I go too hard too quick they feel heavy. I have taken magneisum, and it feels better, ZMA also works. I have chronic shin splints tho. 

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