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Respawn Challenge

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Let's rebuild!


A little about me.

I am a 29 year old single mother. About 5 years ago I was 80lbs heavier and lost it all slowly over 3 years time. I had initially lost it with mostly diet, then eventually found a love for running. I kept it off for about a year but then my divorce hit and this last year I've put on 20lbs, slowed down my running schedule and fallen back into old habits. I've tried close to everything, but I've come realize I need to be kept accountable. I beleive thats where this challenge will come in handy. I want to quit before I get back to where I used to be.


Starting weight

140 lbs

Goal Weight




So here are my goals!



Lose 20lbs

Spend more time with daughter

Get out of debt



• Run every 2 days while daughter rides scooter alongside

• Color with daughter 4x a week

• Eat 1 vegetable with every meal

• Pay off LC with allocated money


Looking forward to starting! I feel really good about this, and truly beleive I can do it.


Let's get started!






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Coloring with your daughter 4 times a week might be the best goal I've seen so far. That's too adorable. I also love that she scooters alongside while you run! Way to make exercise time also time with your daughter! So smart! And, of course, I have to love the Rosie picture. What an awesome challenge!

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Thanks so much! 

So far things are going well. My calorie intake is set at 1200 and I've been keeping to it. I meal prepped my lunches which is a big meal for me during the day. I find I eat more at lunch than any other meal. I made myself some 'Starbucks Protein Boxes'. They are really delicious!

I also am trying to keep things like dips, spreads and sauces out of my diet as those can be big calories as well.

Today will be day 1 of coloring 4 times a week and first day I can go scooting with my daughter. I think she will have lots of fun. 

I'll let you guys know how it goes :)

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Welcome! You can totally do the things. I like how they're broken down into little measurable and realistic bits. 

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Great goals, my I suggest with the weather as it is,, rucksack full of adventure equipment.. colouring book. Water and sun screen.. snacks to keep cost low for getting out of debet.. and jogging to the next nearest green space.. or choose a map local neighborhood and do a colour in park crawl 


Happy adventure

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