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Brand New.. Druid/Warrior??

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Hey everyone,


I'm brand new to this but I'm giving it a try...


My goal for myself are simple - return to a healthy lifestyle and maintain focus on my spiritual and emotional well-being.


Daily Goals: 


  1. Starting each day with purpose - Prayer  &/or 10 minutes of "lotus pose" meditation
    • Ideally, sunrise waking and prayer/meditation outdoors
  2. Daily Physical Activity -  choice of running, yoga, weightlifting, play
    • Morning is the goal, but if I'll allow myself to do it later if I miss 
    • Weightlifting 2x week/ Endurance training 3x week   I've attached pics to document the physical changes - I'll upload weekly.
  3. Mindfulness while working my 9 to 5 - this is a BIG one for me. I have a high stress job managing people in a highly regulated industry. I tend to lose focus on what matters and let the days stress tap my inner reserves. By the end of the day all I can do is go home and collapse. I'm prone to "self-soothe" in various addictive ways. My goal is to maintain perspective on what is truly important and worth my mental and emotional energy. 
  4. EAT/DRINK! and eat whole healthy food - Believe it or not I have a harder time eating than overeating (which still happens occasionally). I'm an enneagram 5 with an intense personality by nature. I can easily forget my body's needs when I'm hyper focused. Before I know it 8 hours have passed with no food. Luckily, I'm a decent cook and have experience making healthy meals
    • Breakfast will be something light (oatmeal, berries, smoothie, etc)
    • Ideally, some sort of tea and water throughout the day
    • No snacking!
    • I'd like to consume around 2,000 calories a day - all from veggies, fruits, fish, chicken
  5. Abstain from nicotine - I've been addicted to nicotine for many years. I know it will take intentionally redirecting my attention to a new way of life for me to successfully close this chapter This post and the commitment/accountability it will provide will  support me in this - I know it will be tough
  6. End each day with gratitude and peace -  I've realized that how I end my day greatly affects my overall mental health. Sitting in the bed on my phone, watching loud flashing lights on my TV, etc really limit the restorative power of sleep. Establishing a routine for the end of my day, and sticking to it, is the plan
    • Hygiene - bathe & brush teeth
    • pray each night (probably Lord's prayer.. I'm not much of a conversationalist lol)
    • No devices after 10PM


I've had some unique challenges in my life (trauma/mental illness/addiction). I've chosen to channel those experiences into becoming stronger and wiser but it will take effort, perseverance, and compassion (for self and others). I believe that for ME peace and devotion go hand in hand.


Age - 35

Height - 5'7

Weight - 195 lbs

Waist - 37 inches


If you made it this far.. THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT!




FRONT 1 5.10.2020.jpg

BACK 5.10.2020.jpg

LEFT 5.10.2020.jpg

RIGHT 5.10.2020.jpg

WEIGHT 5.10.2020.jpg

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Dang, this is an awesome set of goals. I especially like how mindfulness and intention are worked into the beginning, middle, and end of your day. Good luck! I'm looking forward to the updates!

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Welcome to the forums!


I like the no devices after 10pm goal. One of the biggest things that helped me get a better night sleep was to banish all devices from my bedroom, so when I went to bed I could read, relax, and wind down without infinitely scrolling the interwebs. 


Can't wait to hear about your progress with the lifting of the weights! 

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Really good goals! The no devices goal is something I haven’t yet been able to accomplish, following for inspiration. :)


I hear you on the high stress job. For me, it’s civil claim/suit negotiations rather than management. Even if you don’t work overlong hours, the extra time and mental energy you spend decompressing can easily leave you without much of either left for yourself. Looks like you’ve got a good plan for building new habits to replace the old, less healthy ones. Looking forward to seeing what you do!

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