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100% Start over after 4 years.

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Hey all I am looking for some good advice to start working out again after a 4 year layoff.   I have a number of issues that I'll be trying to work through and also have some questions that need answering.

Based on the Tanita scale this morning Me:

55 Years old Male

6' tall

27% body Fat

157 lbs lean muscle mass

227 lbs

high visceral fat (14 on the scale)

sedentary job.

low count of good cholesterol


Overall muscle soreness has set in due to absolute lack of exercise.....does this really happen?


It takes my body an incredible amount of time for my body to warm up and for my muscles to become flexible.....normally around the 20-25 minute range of sweating.


Conditioning comes up quickly.....so maybe at this moment I can knock out 15 pushup......but after 4-5 days of ecercise I can get to 30.   Is this unusual?


Lastly I am trying to slect a workout program.......4 years ago a boxed at Title boxing with some tremendous results.....it's hits program.


Covid killed my Title gym so now I'm looking at other programs, hits gyms and even martial arts.


I'm down to a regular gym with weight training, a Hapkido dojo, or another boxing gym. Working out 3-4 days a week.


My ahort term goal is to increase muscle and drop some of the weight....not so much for shpe but because of the Cholesteral levels.


The end goal is a weight of 185-190 lbs of a lean body.....not really looking to get huge......just lean out with conditioning.


What kind of advice can I get here to start off with?







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My largest concern about the HITS now is how grossly out of shape I am.......not sure whether to lift for a month to get some conditioning back and then do hits......


It's pretty horrible how out of shape I've become

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I think that HIIT is considered Far too often by beginners and from people that look no further then a desperate determination to lose weight.


I'm Sure HIIT is a Great way to lose weight but its an absolutely Brutal way to workout.  If I understand the theory correctly, there can be No tempering of your High Intensity intervals.

well thats just frankly a Brutal way to work out, even if you Aren't in sedentary and you're otherwise in good shape! YUCK. 


well maybe Its just NOT for me.  we are all different and maybe it works for loads and loads of people.  but I can't get past thinking that this is not the BEST way to start working out or even returning to peak fitness.  Develop the Habit before you make the workout, sweat-drenching HARD. IMHO.


Now, you are a boxer/martial artist.  those aren't activities I've pursued (Limited! martial art training a long time ago....).

but surely there are alot of good ways to get back to the skills even if the gyms are all closed.


what you need, then, is a program, no?


Time/place and length. THAT is what you need to work on More than anything else.  WHAT to do seems so much easier- practice your katas... do you have access to a punching bag?  anyways, seperate to all that there is Huge amount of bodyweight stuff you can do; pushups just being one of many, many activities.


so maybe the Only REAL advice I have to offer its something you surely know.




when you stop you lose it!  but you'll pick it back up again quicker; if you can just put back in your life.  do it to feel better and do it to BE better.  Good luck.

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