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In Which Kishi Adjusts


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Got after a lot yesterday. I wound up getting out of work later than I would have preferred, and that pushed everything back. In the end, I wound up doing my S&S around midnight, because I didn't have to be up in the morning and I'd been itching to for so long that I just couldn't find the heart to tell myself "no."


Chess and writing happened as well. Librarian friend finally beat me! I was proud of him for that. Felt like receiving someone's first sub. it was great.


Anyway, beyond that I don't really have a lot to report.


Today I managed to finally figure out some work issues that had happened to keep me from working OT on the weekends, which was very good! But I may have accidentally worked myself out of OT as OT is only cleared for cases of a certain age, and as of now they're all in current development. I'm hopeful that my boss will let me get to working OT on younger cases rather than forcing me to wait or work on the old stuff, because frankly it's limiting if I can't answer calls or do development on younger cases.


In the meantime, a quiet evening I think. Need to get some grocery shopping done, which means getting my car out to run for a while. So I'll be doing that. Do some PT, mobility, and S&S. Chess is already done, writing will be done. Cool.

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And yesterday was yesterday. Got after everything I meant to get after. Did my S&S, mobility, PT, chess, and writing. The world was my burrito.


Having been in the Mobility program for a while, I think it's probably very good but it's maybe not a good fit for me. It's essentially a kinder, gentler Elements program with one new mobilization in place that they seem to be very proud of but doesn't seem to do me much good. My hope at the outset was that I'd get more in terms of overall flexibility, and maybe that's true for people who are less mobile than me but one thing that I tend to forget and take for granted is that I'm way more mobile than most people in general, and it could be that this was designed for people who aren't me.


Considering this, I think I'll probably switch up a little bit - less Mobility, more Elements, especially since I know that I can plug one in for the other. Mobility has been recommended to me as a thing to do on days when Elements calls for active recovery; I'd say at this point I'm well and truly recovered, and I'm itching for more work at this point.


(sidebar: just so it's clear, this isn't me trying to backdoor my way into burning more calories or anything. It's more a training and movement compliance thing than it is anything else).


Also, I never finished Elements and I'd kind of like to do that.


So. Elements today and S&S if there's time. Chess is already done. Writing needs to be.

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Man, I gotta admit, bolding the S&S goal is effective at reminding me that this is something I gotta do. Also, really struck by the benefit I'm getting from even a low-to-modest volume of work. I don't think I'll ever be over that.


If I'm truthful, I have to admit, life just feels so easy on the training front right now. A little too easy. It's nice for a change. :) Instead of having to juggle a lot of separate ideas and starve myself, I just play with movement, show up for some strength work, and otherwise just chill the hell out. It's strange to feel so good, but OTOH, it feels so good.


Anyway, hit up Week 1 day 1 of Elements again. Felt nice to come back to. One thing that Elements gave me back was a nice easy ATG squat, and also the Table Top position is a lot easier than it used to be, to the point that I can engage in its most challenging aspect for a constructive amount of time now. Flexibility felt better.


S&S was done strongly and writing happened, although I think I want to get myself to a point where I'm accomplishing it earlier in the day.


Anyway, the works of the day are yet to be done. Let's get it.

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On ‎6‎/‎9‎/‎2020 at 5:39 PM, Mistr said:

Good for you on tackling your computer issues at work. I hope that your boss will support you in working overtime. As long as you have cases to work on, I don't see the downside in getting them done.


Well, I mean, it's one of those things where the OT is meant specifically to work on certain priority cases. The agency doesn't want to have to explain to our superiors in the region why that money is being paid to not work on "problem" cases; it would be seen as an improper allocation of funds.


FWIW, the boss is on our side of this. She doesn't think it's reasonable either, but there's a limit to what she can accomplish, and while we wait, those problem cases that were in current development will lapse out, at which point even if she says that I should be cleared for lower, it'll be denied because "look at these problem cases he has to work on! :)"


So. Meh. I got a weekend off. It was cool while it lasted. I've watched enough of these fall back that I can go back to work.


On ‎6‎/‎9‎/‎2020 at 5:39 PM, Mistr said:

Yay for feeling good about your training!


Indeed! In fact, I feel so good that I've elected to make some changes. See below:




So I should list my numbers, but since the challenge is technically over now I'll just give the summary - I trained in a half-assed way on a daily basis - one day GMB, the next day S&S. I did so because I figured that in the long run, when things come back to normal, that's probably what I'm going to be doing, just based on the time investment on the mats. It's proven to be effective so far, though - I wind up with about 3-4 days' exposure to each mode of training, and I don't feel like I'm fried too bad one way or the other. It'll help that GMB has some recovery-specific days built in too, so I can have a sort of waviness in my intensity without really having to think about it.


Writing is compulsive now. I feel wrong when I don't accomplish it. This is a wonderful problem to have and I hope to make it worse in time. :D


Chess is also happening, although I think that I may need to adjust it some as while I'm getting more accurate to what is mathematically the best movement, the computer opponent I'm playing is adjusting its grading criteria and forcing me to rethink moves which wouldn't really qualify as mistakes so much as "inaccuracies" which are moves that aren't wrong but aren't strong either. As it is, the computer is able to force different looks - and thus different mistakes - making my present grading criteria kind of hard to apply as I learn the lessons but the lessons don't really apply anymore. So this goal will have to be adjusted.


So, all in all? Strong finish. Now I need to actually read the Fire book and apply, although I think I have some better ideas about how it could apply going forward.

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