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what's up guys,


I'd like to say hi and hopefully get a bit of motivation to lose weight and get in shape.  I'm 43, 170 lbs, 15% bf...Before this whole lockdown started I was in the midst of recovering my life.. i started playing tennis and working out with a trainer... and it was the 1st time I was able to play tennis in some 20 years.


Although I had spent nearly a year getting to that positive point when the lockdown started it all fell apart in a matter of weeks, I blew up some 15 lbs, and went from 8% bf to 16% and even worse i ran into all types of health issues.  I lost my job and had to get a jaw and a knee surgery, i fractured a few of my teeth, and even got bad skin infection.   I don't get it, i was so healthy just before all of this.


I've had trouble managing to eat healthy and stay positive.   I was abusing a lot of Uber eats and lately eating things like ice cream at night.


One big issue i've dealt with is the abuse of sleeping pills (ambien, lunesta).  It was bad before but it's gotten horrible as of late.

I really want to get off these completely but it's been insanely tough.  When i've tried going cold turkey sometimes I don't sleep for days.


I've just about had it with this lockdown and all these side effects.  It's time to get things back on track b/c no one is going to make things better for me other than myself.


I'd like to start a pretty intense program of lifting and running every day.  i signed up with Drew from NF as my coach.

I've started cooking homemade bone broth, and I've almost eliminated ordering from Uber eats.


I want to drop back to 8% body fat to fit in my clothes again and start putting on muscle again and start playing tennis again.

It's really tough for me to work out at home. I have some tough injuries and really need machines to help isolate my muscles and avoid stress areas

and I really enjoy the gym as a way of social exposure since i'm introverted ...but I got dumbells and other things now so there are no excuses.


I'm going to try to do a basic home workout as designed by Drew and go for a 30 minute run 4 days a week.

I'm hoping that this will fix  a lot of the health issues i've had lately as well.  I think it must be covid-related stress

that is causing my body to break down.


Wish me luck!


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Welcome. That sounds like a rough list of injuries and problems! But it sounds like you have a good plan to start taking care of yourself as best you can right now. Good luck!

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Welcome!  We are all learning how to deal with the new stressor but it sounds like you have a plan.  Be sure to allow for being human,  rough days, and time for healing.  Sounds like you have a good plan lined up. 

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Thanks for the support guys.. I've had trouble motivating due to Covid with all the gyms closed, it's been 3 months now and especially for cardio, the only thing I can do is run, which is painful for me..I used to love spinning classes but of course everything has been closed.


After seeing some doctors and being told that my issues are potentially getting serious, I've decided that I really need to eliminate sleeping pills from my life.   Today is day 1 of that, I am going to join a challenge and see if I can do it.  Cold turkey won't be easy but here goes.

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