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SCOUTS Week 2 Challenge - Going the Distance

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Well definitely a little slower than everyone else... but I did it! 5k in 45:28. I don't think i've ever run/walked something like that before. At the last half mile I used driveways as my walk/run intervals. Eventually I made it back home. It's also a pretty hilly 5k so yay for me! I took a shower and I am still sweating and my face is crazy red... but hey I did it!

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Way to go!!!

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Funny thing about this is that right after I got out of the shower my 3 year old friend and her 1 year old sister came over... definitely didn't get to veg after the whole run thing... playing was a much needed thing so now I am wiped! And we are finally eating dinner... wow it's been a pretty long day.

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