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Why do we fall ... we fall so that we learn to pick ourselves up ...


I've had a few challenges recently:

  • Long hours at work combined with a long commute. 
  • Home redevelopments. 
  • Injury & minor surgery. 
  • A new job with new pressures ... and stressors. 
  • Studying commitments. 


Which lead to:

  • Skipping working out. 
  • Stress & comfort eating. 
  • Not doing things I do to self care ... so I can 'Save time' to work more. 
  • Depression. 
  • Anxiety. 
  • Stress. 


So I'm here now ... reaching out for support so that I can pass it on and do the same. So I can face the new challenges in my life:

  • First child is due ... in about 4-5 months. 
  • Pushing forward whilst being on lockdown and not being able to leave the house ... 


Warning ... there may be topless photos ... think ... Thor ... Endgame & not Infinity War ... Sorry in advance I want to socially pressure myself and track progress. 


Who's with me!?!? Let us RISE together. 

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To hold myself accountable ... here are my current pictures and details: 


  • Weight:
    • Current:
      • 98.5 KG / 15.51109 Stone
      • BMI: 32.1
    • Next goal - 12 weeks time. 
      • This is my next target. TBD on when I hit this. 
        • 93.60 KG / 14.73948 Stone
        • BMI: TBD
      • To reach my target I need to do this
        • Recommended daily calorie intake:
          1894 - 2435 kcal
          To lose 1-2lbs a week stick to the lower end of the range.
    • Final goal - 24 weeks time.
      • My 'Final goal' was basically my old stats back in 2017. Overall I want to feel healthy, strong and fit. So I'm not just obessing over numbers. 
        • 13.5 stone
        • BMI: 20
  • Height: 
    • 5 feet 9 inches / 175.26 cm


If I hit my final goal I'll be setting myself a new challenge. 




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